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You will find that many of our courses are for a recommended grade range, rather than an absolute grade level.

Grade Levels are great starting places to serve as suggestions or as guidelines but not absolutes. The average student simply does not exist. If your student is advanced, you may consider choosing a curriculum in a higher grade level and vice versa. Master Books Curriculum is designed to give you the ability to tailor your student's education around their skills, capabilities, and interests.

Formats Available: Physical Books & Digital e-Books

Because our kids are going to need to be grounded in the Word with a strong background in apologetics and logic to face a culture that is growing increasingly hostile to a Biblical worldview.


The point of learning is to gain knowledge for application. “Drill and Kill” busywork and studying just to pass a test is a worthless endeavor. We want students to fall in love with the joy of discovery and application of knowledge. An engaged student is a smart learner.


An interested student will take responsibility for their learning and learn more. How many times have we heard, “Why do I need to learn this?” Instead, we want them to understand the why along with the how.


We get that life happens. We want to minimize parental involvement on the little things so you can focus on the things that make a real difference. Our curriculum solutions feature daily lesson plans, independent study, and course flexibility to help you accomplish your God-given task of training your child to become all that He intended for them to be.

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