A Child's Geography Vol. 1: Explore His Earth


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Grade 4-8

This book will take you and your fledgling geographers on amazing adventures through our Father's world - explore the atmosphere, the lithosphere and the hydrosphere, then maps, longitude and latitude - in ways that you will never forget!

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Explore His Earth

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Manufacturer Master Books
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Title A Child's Geography Vol. 1: Explore His Earth
Series A Child's Geography
Volume in Series 1
ISBN 13 9781683442745
Contributors Ann Voskamp
Binding Paperback
Page Count 344
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 8 1/2 x 11

Open the book and step outside your door into a delightful world of learning in the exciting A Child’s Geography series! This updated, all-in-one course for Volume 1, Explore His Earth, will take you and your fledgling geographers on amazing adventures through our Father’s world. Discover the atmosphere, the lithosphere, plate tectonics, weather, significant scientific discoveries, the world’s ocean, the hydrosphere, maps, longitude, latitude, and more – in ways that you will never forget! With built-in worksheets and fun activities, the course encourages students to take an active journey to learn about and appreciate the world God has created!

Course components include:

  • A fascinating excursion through different water, land, and sky aspects of our Earth
  • Memory Jogger narration prompts sprinkled throughout the chapters
  • “Reaching Out to His World” inspires students to be the hands of Christ
  • Easy concept-centered projects to enjoy and a helpful supply list by chapter and activity
  • Contains glossary, written chapter reviews based on narration prompts, semester exams, geographic maps, time zone maps, and answer keys included
  • A helpful course calendar takes the stress out of scheduling and makes it easy to follow as students learn to understand and apply the chapter’s geographic and scientific knowledge in a meaningful way.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Auntie Em, There is No Place Like Home
  • 2. Peeling an Onion
  • 3. Falling Through the Sky
  • 4. Puzzle Directions
  • 5. The Swirling Soup in My Father's Hands
  • 6. The Woodstove Outside the Window
  • 7. Getting to the Core of the Matter
  • 8. Singing, Dancing & Praising God
  • 9. Stresses, Faults and Explosions
  • 10. God's Great Signs and Imaginary Lines (Part One)
  • 11. God's Great Signs and Imaginary Lines (Part Two)
  • Glossary
  • Copy Work
  • Chapter Review Time
  • Semester Exams
  • Reaching Out to His World Report
  • Answer Keys
  • Maps
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Embarking on an Educational Adventure with A Child's Geography: A Homeschool Treasure
Embarking on an Educational Adventure with A Child's Geography: A Homeschool Treasure

Embarking on an educational journey that transports young minds to faraway places, A Child's Geography series, published by Master Books, has captured the hearts of homeschool families across the nations. With glowing reviews from parents like Becki and Kathleen, it's evident that this biblical worldview geography curriculum series is making waves in the homeschooling community. Let's dive into why A Child's Geography has become a phenomenal choice for 4th to 8th-grade students and the 11 reasons why homeschool families love this series.

Review by
We’ve enjoyed this geography course and are really excited to start level 2 next year. We do this course family style and enjoy learning about geography this way.
Science, not History
Review by
Love this book but it's definitely more of a science text rather than history. Or you could say it's the "history" of how God physically constructed the Earth. Great geology text but not geography or history. Wonderful activities, reviews, and knowledge checks.
A unique approach!
Review by
My son has been really enjoying this book! The chapters are written in an imaginative way that helps him understand the concepts being taught!
I wasn't expecting geography to go through the subjects we have gone through so far, but it's been great! My son has enjoyed all the little lab like activities and geography is so much fun!
Lots of good information
Review by
We enjoyed this book. It contains a lot of information. Would be best for older elementary students as my younger elementary kids had a harder time following and understanding.
Great geography course
Review by
We have loved this course. We add it to our morning basket once a week and its been great. I love the Godly focus and the writing is very discussion based which we all love. We are currently doing this with an 8 and 10 yr old. I plan on continuing with the other geography books as we study different periods of history. well done!
Makes Geography Interesting
Review by
I've always thought pf geography as one of the more "boring" subjects, so I was drawn to this book because it makes geography come alive. I really like the angle it uses- the first section of the book is almost more of a science study, giving a solid foundation of where our earth fits into the universe and God's plan, why geography us important, how our world and atmosphere work. The schedule is also really manageable- only 3 days a week, and not too much each day- so it would be easy to combine with a history course.
Review by
VERY disappointed in this book, it is written in a very different way. We only did it for a few weeks because my whole family hated it! Come to find out a few months after quitting this book that the author has some different beliefs, I haven't looked too far into this because we don't like the book what so ever but if you are considering this book please do your research first. Unfortunately I would NOT recommend this book.
Favorite subject
Review by
This book is very informative as well as fun with hands on activities. It is my son's favorite subject. I love that it shows God's creative power and His love.
Packs a lot of Punch
Review by
I bought this to use as a read aloud, but there is just too much good information. I am saving it for next year and we will use it for science and geography. It has a real 'Charlotte Mason' feel to it, and I think it is perfect for family-style learning.
Rich content
Review by
We love this book! Great conversation starters as well as spiritual growth challenges. I would say it can even replace devotionals.

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