A Child's Geography Vol. 4: Explore Medieval Kingdoms


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For Grades 6 – 7

Finally, a gospel-focused geography curriculum that reveals the wonder of God’s creation: the Medieval Kingdoms. Take your homeschool students on the adventure of a lifetime through Spain, Portugal, Monaco, Belgium, Germany, and beyond! This combination of geography, history, culture, and cuisine will delight your middle school students and the whole family.

This revised and updated course is easy to use and homeschool friendly. It is scheduled 3 days a week and can be completed in one year.

A Look Inside

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Manufacturer Master Books
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Title A Child's Geography Vol. 4: Explore Medieval Kingdoms
Series A Child's Geography
Volume in Series 4
ISBN 13 9781683443179
Contributors Terri Johnson
Binding Paperback
Page Count 384
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 8 1/2 x 11

Take your 6th – 7th grade students on a journey through the history and geography of the Medieval Kingdoms with A Child’s Geography Volume 4. This Christian homeschool curriculum explores the cultures and people groups in Spain, Portugal, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Belgium, and beyond.

With a conversational tone, the author writes as if she is on a trip with the student. The course offers the history of each country while also revealing what it would be like if you visited today. Homeschool parents love this all-in-one workbook which includes beautiful pictures, timelines, maps, recipes, and fun activities like building bridges and mazes.

Course Objectives

  • Explore Western European countries by the North Sea, Bay of Biscay, and Atlantic Ocean, including Switzerland and Austria.
  • Visit the tiny countries of Andorra, Monaco, Liechtenstein, and Luxembourg.
  • Discover both historic and modern sites that include castles, palaces, churches, monuments, and museums.
  • See how medieval European countries developed over time to their modern geographical locations and economic positions.
  • Discover how God has worked throughout history in these countries and explore culturally significant Christian locations and places of worship.

Course Includes:

  • Travel Log notes at the end of each section to sum up important points
  • Timelines throughout to summarize major events.
  • Mapping activities at the end of each chapter to develop geography and map reading skills
  • Supply list, recipes, and crafts
  • Varied worksheets, chapter reviews, final exam, glossary, and answer key
  • A helpful course calendar for easy, stress-free scheduling

Table of Contents

  • Teacher, Set the Course!
  • Materials List
  • Schedule
  • Introduction
  • Map of Medieval Kingdoms
  • 1. Spain [part one]: Moor Land in Spain
  • 2. Spain [part two]: Farther Up and Farther In
  • 3. Portugal: From Lisbon to the Edge of the World
  • 4. Andorra and Monaco: Tiny Kingdoms
  • 5. France [part one]: Mediterranean Shores and a Snapshot of the Past
  • 6. France [part two]: A Land of Stone and Sea, Battles and Heroes
  • 7. France [part three]: Paris, the City of Light
  • 8. France [part four]: Chateâux, Mountains, and Medieval Life
  • 9. Switzerland: Alpine Adventure
  • 10. Austria: The Sound of Music
  • 11. Germany [part one]: Trotting Through Bavaria and Cruising Back in Time
  • 12. Germany [part two]: Firestorm in Germany
  • 13. Liechtenstein and Luxembourg: More Tiny Kingdoms
  • 14. Belgium: Waffles, Lace, and French Fries
  • 15. The Netherlands: Reclaimed from the Sea
  • Glossary
  • Chapter Reviews
  • Final Exam
  • Answer Keys
  • Maps
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Embarking on an Educational Adventure with A Child's Geography: A Homeschool Treasure
Embarking on an Educational Adventure with A Child's Geography: A Homeschool Treasure

Embarking on an educational journey that transports young minds to faraway places, A Child's Geography series, published by Master Books, has captured the hearts of homeschool families across the nations. With glowing reviews from parents like Becki and Kathleen, it's evident that this biblical worldview geography curriculum series is making waves in the homeschooling community. Let's dive into why A Child's Geography has become a phenomenal choice for 4th to 8th-grade students and the 11 reasons why homeschool families love this series.

Review by Echo
This was my kids’ favorite out of the series. Great book!
Review by Michelle
My 7th grade daughter absolutely loved this book! She even finished it ahead of time!
This makes learning history and geography fun!
Review by Beth
My 7th grade daughter loves this book! The creator did a masterful job weaving culture and history in with geography. The addition of recipes, a variety of activities, and clearly written text make this curriculum enjoyable and educational.
An Engaging Geography Course
Review by Virginia
A Child’s Geography Volume 4: Explore Medieval Kingdoms is an engaging geography course. The included photos and diagrams are colorful and interesting. It is designed to be used 3 days a week, for 36 weeks, which is perfect for those who do classes outside the home. I appreciate the variety of activities - including word puzzles, mazes, and map activities. I'm looking forward to doing the projects and creating the recipes with my daughter.
Nicely done!
Review by deonva
This course has been revised, and the revision is so nice! The course is 3 days a week, for a full 6th-7th grade school year. This schedule is nice because it allows you to incorporate supplemental ideas on the off days. The course includes art, history, and cooking. The book is colorfully done making it nice to include and smaller kids. And no additional teacher's guide is needed. We are looking forward to doing the other geography courses in this series.
Beautiful geography study!
Review by Becky
This is a gem of a book! It has beautiful pictures that takes your student through Western Europe. The recommended ages are 6th or 7th grade, but this book can captivate children and adults of all ages. The course is the 4th volume in the “A Child’s Geography” series, but can certainly be used out of order. The only mention I found in the book about previous volumes was in the Introduction. The course is designed to be completed 3 days a week with the traditional Master Books schedule broken into semesters, quarters, and weeks.

Each lesson contains vocabulary, worksheets, map work, timelines, activities, crafts, recipes, and art projects. A wonderful master material list is available in the beginning of the book for all crafts/recipes. Map Trek and Timeline - Wonders of Old, both from Master Books, would be great to add to this course as well. My favorite part of this book, besides the beautiful pictures, is that this course is completely self contained, no additional teachers guide is needed (which means that parts of this book would be considered consumable).
A Child's Geography: Explore Medieval Kingdoms
Review by Santina
The revised “A Child’s Geography” series is a favorite in our home and “Explore Medieval Kingdoms” does not disappoint! We love to use it as a family read aloud and enjoy the vibrant, colorful pictures and recipes. The writing activities, timelines, and travel logs are great for family discussion and learning. I especially love the detailed maze and bridge building activities. I highly recommend this book for parents looking to engage their middle schooler while still including younger siblings.
Interesting, Educational, and Fun
Review by Dawn
I absolutely love this book! It is full of beautiful full color pictures and maps. The geography is written from a Christian worldview and in a very conversational living book style. There are fun activities, recipes, crafts, and short answer questions. There are even prayer prompts included. There is a materials list at the beginning that makes it super easy to make sure you have what you need for each chapter if you choose to do the hands-on activities. There is also a schedule that breaks the book down into three days a week, but it is easy to flex and do what fits your family’s schedule. I highly recommend this book.
This is a beautiful geography/history book.
Review by Kathleen
I love this book! The pictures are so vibrant. You feel like you are traveling to each of these countries.
This curriculum takes you on an adventure to Medieval times to visit the swiftly changing countries of Western Europe.
Using a mix of geography and history, you will learn about the medieval world, its kingdom, and its people.
Some of our favorite parts of this were the: travel logs (geography and history notes of each area we explored), the recipes (with supply lists), the mapping it-out pages, and the pictures. I cannot say enough about how amazing all of the photos in this book are. It is amazing to see photos of so much architecture that was built during medieval times and still stands today.
I recommend this curriculum to anyone who enjoys seeing how God worked through history.
A fun and interesting way to learn geography!
Review by Danielle
A Child’s Geography Volume 4: Explore Medieval Kingdoms is an exciting way to learn about several European countries as well as their histories. I ABSOLUTELY love the way this book is written. The style of writing definitely separates it from your typical textbook. The author makes me want to visit these countries! She writes as though the student is actually on a trip and traveling the world with her. I think it is interesting how you learn the history of each country while also seeing what it is like if you would visit today. The pictures are beautiful! Each region has a recipe to try that is specific to that area. I would recommend not skipping the recipes as it really adds to the whole experience. Students will have a variety of activities to complete for each section in the book: crossword puzzles, designing postcards, building bridges, making scrapbook pages, and building an aqueduct, just to name a few. Students will have the opportunity to develop their map skills as well by labeling the countries throughout the book. I found this course exceptional and a fun way to learn geography!

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