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This is a true story. It comes from Genesis Chapter 22 in your Bible.

In the Old Testament, we are reminded again and again through the stories that when God made a promise, He kept it. Even when the perfect Creation was ruined, God made a plan to save us from sin. He loved us enough to sacrifice something very special to Him.

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A True Story About Jesus

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Title Abraham and Isaac
Series A True Story About Jesus
ISBN 13 9781683443360
Contributors Akram Zaki, Paulo Gaviola
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Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
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In Genesis chapter 22 of the Bible, the story of Abraham and Isaac unfolds. God tests Abraham's faith by commanding him to take his only son, Isaac, to a mountain and offer him as a sacrifice. Without hesitation, Abraham obeys and sets out with Isaac. As they reach the mountain, Isaac asks his father about the sacrificial animal. Abraham, full of faith, tells Isaac that God will provide the offering.

As they reach the designated spot, Abraham builds an altar and prepares to sacrifice Isaac. Just as he raises the knife, an angel of the Lord calls out to Abraham, telling him not to harm the boy. The angel explains that Abraham has demonstrated his faith and obedience to God. Abraham looks up and sees a ram caught in a nearby thicket, provided by God as a substitute sacrifice.

Abraham sacrifices the ram in place of Isaac and names the place "The Lord Will Provide." God then reaffirms His covenant with Abraham, promising to bless him and make his descendants numerous. The story concludes with the assurance that Abraham's obedience and faithfulness have brought about God's blessing.

The story of Abraham and Isaac serves as a profound demonstration of faith and trust in God's plan. It reveals Abraham's willingness to offer his most precious possession and God's provision of an alternate sacrifice. This narrative highlights the importance of obedience and illustrates God's faithfulness in fulfilling His promises.

Engaging and Scriptural
Review by Dawn
A bright and colorful picture book that shares the story of Abraham and Issac. I appreciate that it gives the scripture references and explains that it is a true story. It also connects the story of Abraham and Isaac with the sacrifice of Jesus and how he overcame death on our behalf. There are some hidden pictures for young children to find, which may help keep their focus and attention. There is also a page of “words to know,” which helps explain words that children might not understand.
Old Testament story revealing the gospel
Review by Laura
There are many references to Jesus Christ in the Old Testament that aren’t commonly taught. In this story the author summarizes Genesis 22, Abraham and Isaac, in a way that is palatable for young kids. After the story it is revealed how it parallels the story of Jesus!

We are truly enjoying this series of books that ties the events found in the Old Testament to our savior in a fun and engaging way. From the image search, the follow up questions to the dictionary at the end, you are sure to enjoy these books!
A story of Genesis 22
Review by Becky V.
We are really loving this series! This book tells the story of Abraham and Isaac from Genesis 22. I love that the book starts out by telling you exactly where it can be found in the Bible. The language is simple, and the illustrations are beautifully done. It is the perfect book for a young child to learn about this true story.

Another thing I love is how it starts with hidden pictures to find as you read the bible story, and then it uses those pictures to summarize the story by putting a label on them. Those labels are then used to show how the story is actually about Jesus. It is a great way to teach a child the bible story and then help them to understand and remember how it connects to and points to Jesus.
Cute pictures and well-done version for children!
Review by Danielle
Abraham and Isaac is a cute childrens’ version of the story found in Scripture. The graphics are beautifully done. I really like how there is an explanation of what a sacrifice was in the Old Testament prior to getting into the story. And at the end, the link to Jesus being our sacrifice is done in a way that is easy for young listeners to understand. My 8 year old said he really likes how Jesus is brought in to each story. (We’ve read 3 different books from this series). That isn’t often done in kids’ versions, so I truly appreciate that aspect of this book series.
There are questions right after the account of Abraham and Isaac that ask what the purpose of the story is. They are cute questions to get little ones thinking about why we are even reading this story in the 1st place!
Overall, each of my children enjoyed Abraham and Isaac! We highly recommend it!
Beautiful Message for Children
Review by Kathleen C
This book is the retelling of Abraham and Isaac from Genesis Chapter 22. The story is very engaging for children. The pictures included are wonderful- they tell the story to a non reader as well.
It includes: special words with definitions and a scripture verse.
I love the way this author shows you how what happened to Abraham and Isaac to tell us about Jesus.
Jesus paid for our sin and because of this we can trust Him to rescue us.
I highly recommend this book for your home library.
Perfect for Little Listeners
Review by Lexie
This book is perfect as a read aloud with your young children. The story of Abraham and Isaac is often difficult for children to understand, but I feel that the author does a great job at presenting the story with Biblical accuracy. But even better than that, it is related back to Christ as our Savior!
Love it
Review by Ashley
This book is a true story based on Genesis chapter 22 in the Bible. The pictures are colorful. At the beginning of the story there is an activity that your kids can have fun with by looking for certain pictures in the book as they read or you read to them. Towards the end of the story it asks some questions. At the end of the story it includes a section for words to know if they do not know the words in the story and give the meaning of the word. This book is a great book in my opinion.
Gospel focused
Review by Lynette
My kids and I really enjoyed this retelling of Abraham and Isaac. It kept my kids interest and opened the door for great a conversation with my 7 and 5 year old. The Author does a wonderful job of tying the Old Testament into the New Testament. He shows how the Gospel is represented through the story of Abraham and Isaac in such a simple, yet effective way. The illustrations are beautiful and eye catching.
Great OT Account Connecting the Gospel
Review by Michael
Great short account of the Old Testament event when God tested Abraham's faith. I personally like how the book connected Abraham offering his son to God offering His Son (Jesus). My children liked looking for the specific pictures in the book. That way it kept their attention (along with the book being short). We walked away with a better appreciation for how Jesus is all throughout Scripture.
Readers that point to Jesus!
Review by Sara
This is the story of Abraham being told to sacrifice his son on a high mountain- We know how this story ends, and this could be a strange story to children, but like other books in this series, I think it is done well. There are pictures to look for that help children grasp the points of the story. I love the questions at the end that seem so silly at first but get the children to see that this story is a picture of Jesus, tells them how and shares the gospel! I think this would be great for my pre-k/kinder class at church when we get to this portion in scripture.

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