America's Story 3 (Timeline Pack - Download)

America's Story 3 (Timeline Pack - Download)


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For Ages 8-11

Using the America’s Story 3 Timeline Pack will help your American history homeschool curriculum come to life for the entire family. Create this full-color timeline using the high-quality images and the timeline strip included. Cutting out the photos, arranging them in order and affixing them on the wall or in a binder make the learning process fun and assists the student in retaining the information.

This visual learning tool is an excellent addition to America’s Story 3 which is part of Master Books’ top-ranked elementary history curriculum series.

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Manufacturer Master Books
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Title America's Story 3 (Timeline Pack - Download)
Series America's Story
Contributors Angela O'Dell
Page Count 17
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

Homeschool teachers love adding this visual timeline to their America’s Story 3 lessons. The full-color photos are high quality and provide a wonderful pictorial reference for your American history course for elementary students.

This timeline pack is a great time saver for you and makes putting together a timeline very easy! Students enjoy cutting out the photos, arranging them in order, and affixing them on the wall or in a binder. The hands-on activities will help your student retain the information they are learning.

Many of the Moms of Master Books recommend laminating the photos. For those of you who don’t have wall space, we recommend a timeline binder.

Visually appealing history tool
Review by JoyfulMommy
We love the America’s Story books, and the timelines are a helpful way to keep the events in order and place them within the context of what was going on in each time period. They are a great way to quickly review what we have already learned, too. The illustrations are visually appealing, and having the digital version makes it easy to reprint as necessary. Definitely a useful tool for your homeschool!
Great Tool to Use
Review by Becky V.
We use the timeline packs for the America's Story series to add to our Wonders of Old timeline book. My kids love that the pictures are in color and they are easy to cut out and glue right into their timeline books. I appreciate that the events/people are in the order presented in the text - it makes it very easy!

These would also be great to use as timeline cards to add to a wall timeline throughout the year.
Great Resource!
Review by SarahT
Having a timeline alongside learning about history is a must! This colorful companion to the America's Story series engages learning and puts a visual in the minds of the reader.
Great Addition to America's Story 3
Review by Yulia
We like these timeline packs as an addition to the America's Story series. They provide all the necessary tools to create a basic timeline for the students to follow the chain of the events and to reinforce what they've learned in each level. I like that it is in color and separated by chapters.

Easy to use, and a great addition to the curriculum.
One of our favorite history activities
Review by Dustie
The timeline packs have been among our favorite activities going through the America’s Story and World’s Story courses. These provide a great visual and help students see the bigger picture. The dates, descriptions, and illustrations or photos are fun for reviewing the material covered. Our timelines have become fun keepsakes. We’ve used the trifold poster board for each level, as they tuck away nicely. However, one could use them on a wall timeline or in a book, also.

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