American History Set (Revised)


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For Grade Level 9-12

High school students will develop their Christian worldview while studying the political and faith perspectives which have impacted American history and cultural changes over time.

What’s Included

1 x American History (Teacher Guide)
1 x American History (Revised Edition)
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Manufacturer Master Books
Title American History Set (Revised)
ISBN 13 9781683442394
Series Stobaugh History
Contributors James Stobaugh
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Weight (in lbs) 4.4

A rigorous, classical approach to history with an emphasis on analysis!

Designed for students to practice and develop their independent learning. Students will journey on a trip across America as they survey the history of America from native peoples, European settlements, nation-building, and expansion through the modern age in James Stobaugh's American History Set.

In American History, your student will develop an understanding of American history trends, philosophies, and events through the use of:

  • Critical thinking questions based roughly on Bloom's Taxonomy
  • Examinations of historical theories surrounding a period or topic
  • Clarified terms, concepts, and theories to be learned
  • History makers who clearly changed the course of history
  • Overviews and insights into world views

Stobaugh's American History Set Includes:

American History Student Book:

Historical content covered in this volume includes the study of the Natives of the New World, Pilgrims and Puritans, Colonial Life, Causes of the American Revolution, U.S. Constitution, Age of Reform, Antebellum Slavery, Revivalism, the American Civil War, Reconstruction, Immigration, the Wild West, the World Wars, the Vietnam War, African American History, and the War on Terrorism.

American History Teacher Guide:

  • Convenient Daily Schedule - saving you time!
  • Perforated, three-hole punched assignments
  • Student worksheets, critical thinking questions, and exams
  • Answer keys with grading criteria
  • Learning objectives
  • Short essay questions to help the student comprehend and apply the information presented

Course Features:

  • Approximately 20-30 minutes per lesson, 5 days per week
  • Designed for grades 9-12 in a one-year history course (1 Year / 1 Credit)
  • Can be combined with Stobaugh's literature curriculum for an integrated history/literature course
Great history course
Review by Sarah S.
My son loves history and enjoyed this course. It was his favorite subject this past school year.
We were happy with it
Review by Jessica
I wanted a curriculum that was more open and go, and this was it. I am homeschooling several kids and I can't get to everything or teach everyone everything. This was simple and easy for my son to use. He is reader and retains information quite well that was so this was a good option for him.
Disappointed - Where is the Christian worldview?
Review by Disappointed
This curriculum was very disappointing. It is the most slanted, biased "Christian" history book our family has tried to use, and we kept asking ourselves, "Where is Jesus in all this?" It feel like the author was extremely biased against America. It felt like an attack, page after page. As my husband and I read through this, we were so disappointed. At the least, a Christian perspective should try to see God's hand at work and how He can use all things for the good of those who serve Him. That is missing from every chapter we read later in the book. We finally just gave up and didn't use it with our children.

We've used Master Books for years and taught from their science textbooks. Those have been fine. But this was a tremendous letdown. I got the latest edition, which still contains the bias that many other reviews pointed out. I think they need to review the material in this course better and look at just how biased it is.
Very user friendly
Review by Danielle
I love the worksheets for this curriculum. It makes it easy for my son to work completely on his own and it’s easy for me to grade. He appreciates the straight forward answers and absolutely loves the text book. He even reads it in his spare time! Looking forward to trying World History next year!
Great Set
Review by Angela
History has always been a favorite of ours. This set is a great resource that has allowed my daughter to continue her love for history.
Review by Gina
I really wish I could have put my hands on this set before ordering. We love history in our house, but this study is a chore. There is very advanced philosophical thinking required, in my opinion. I also feel like topics are very quickly discussed and a lot of them should have more in-depth historical study. We will complete it, but we find it not to be enjoyable. I definitely will not go this route again.
Bittersweet Experience
Review by Cat
While I loved how some of the content was more challenging than public school, the content created space for my daughter and I to walk through the material together, and it start some really thought-provoking conversation, some of the material was presented from a perspective I don't fully agree with. Present-day history content is very hard to navigate, I am fully aware of that so I used this as an opportunity to challenge my daughter to think in different ways. I would recommend this to any parent who has the time and is willing to go through it with their child as a parent-led/guided course.
Good course!
Review by Tina
Good course with solid, short and sweet lessons. Having a teenager with little interest in history makes it hard to find curriculum he can connect with. But, Master Books has done it! He has now requested his next history course to be MB World History.
Sorely Disappointed Doesn't Even Describe It!!!
Review by Angry Mama and Papa Bear
Chapters 27 and 28 are NOT teaching the truth behind the Black Power/Black Nationalist movements. The author forgot several important details. One for example is the fact that the Black Power/Black Nationalist movements are MARXIST in origin. These chapters lay the framework for accepting CRT as valid.

**Editor's Response:
History is continually unfolding on these topics. The conversation happening today is not the same as the conversation happening when this course was written. We agree it's wise for parents to educate themselves on these topics as they are unfolding today so they can address them with their students. The author of this course does not in any way condone or approve of CRT.
Great course
Review by Courtney
This is a well laid out History course.

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