America's National Parks: A Creation Tour (6 DVD Set)


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Explore the wonders of God’s creation through national parks and monuments!

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Awesome Science: Explore Dinosaur National Monument with Noah Justice

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Awesome Science: Explore Glacier National Park

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Awesome Science: Explore Rocky Mountain National Park

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Awesome Science: Explore the Mammoth Site with Noah Justice

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Explore John Day Fossil Beds with Noah Justice

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Explore Meteor Crater and Petrified Forest with Noah Justice

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Explore Mt. St. Helens with Noah Justice

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Explore Yellowstone with Noah Justice

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Explore Yosemite and Zion National Parks with Noah Justice

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Explore the Grand Canyon with Noah Justice

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Manufacturer Master Books
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Title America's National Parks: A Creation Tour (6 DVD Set)
Series Awesome Science
UPC Code 713438102290
Contributors Kyle Justice
Binding DVD Video
Duration (in Minutes) 360
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
  • Twelve 30-minute episodes on 6 DVD’s
  • Learn how earth science actually supports the biblical record
  • Faith-affirming series for families

In this 6 DVD set, Noah Justice visits 12 national parks and monuments through the worldview of a biblical creationist. Explore the geologic marvels of the Arches and Natural Bridges, Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon and more, all showing so clearly that catastrophic processes of the Flood just a few thousand years ago have taken place to shape these amazing formations.

Nicely done
Review by Annice
My family has enjoyed these dvds. We have used them to supplement and as a rainy day fill in when life happens.
Wonderful DVDs
Review by Sarrah
I used these DVDs to supplement our homeschool study of geology. This is such a wonderful DVD series. I highly recommend!
Great set of dvds!
Review by Caitlin
We all enjoy these dvds! There is so much to learn and we will be able to rewatch them lots of times throughout the years. I love that a big focus is on creation and explains how it makes sense rather than secular scientists!
Review by Bethany
I bought these individually last year for my boys at Christmas and they have loved them!
SSSSSoooooo CCCCCoooooolllll!!
Review by Heather
We love this! It's so interesting and it's like we are right there with Noah Justice exploring the different sites and places. There's the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Mount Saint Helens, Rocky Mountains, Natural Arches, and so many more! We grab a bowl of popcorn and sit down for a 1 hour fun trip into wherever he is exploring. These are some of the best things I have ever watched. I am 11 years old and I am Heather's oldest. Me and my 5 siblings are amazed by these where secular meets Biblical and Biblical wins!!!!!!!!!!!! Science, it's awesome! (That's Noah's saying.) Karena, age 11
Exciting addition to our school day
Review by SD
Our entire family looks forward to the days we get to sit down and watch these episodes. The topics keep my children focused and we are thankful for the biblical approach used to teach science.
So cool!
Review by Lindsay
We are just using these for a fun Science extra, so I can't speak to how they go along with the teacher's guide that you can buy for them. We have only watched a couple of the DVD's so far, but they are amazing! Filled with information and scripture to back up that information. It is absolutely fascinating information!
Excellent resource
Review by Margaret
I purchased this to use while I was going to work a job from home for 6 weeks. Shortly after I received it plans changed, and the job no longer happened, and we had more time on our hands. As a result we used this more of as an extra science resource for us to enjoy as a family. I did not use the teacher guide, so our use and experience is just on the DVDs. My son loves science. LOVED studying rocks/geology at our co-op last year. We loved the videos and explanation Noah gives.

My 4th grader and 1st grader enjoy watching educational videos over and over again. I expect this will be watched and enjoyed many times by both of them. I love the science explanation that lines up with God's word as I took Geology at a secular college and it was something I grappled with when I began my walk with the Lord. I chose to not search that out until after I was in His word for 5-6 years. When I then began looking into it, the resources Answers and Genesis offers helped in my understanding. One of the things I appreciate from Master Books is the resources to feed my children that clearly communicate science from the young earth perspective.

If you are looking for a video resource to use for fun Fridays or to pull out during times you need to alleviate some responsibilities off your plate, I highly recommend this video series.
Review by Kelly
I want to love this DVD set but I find it very confusing. For example DVD 1 has Episode 1 about the Grand Canyon and Episode 2 on Yellowstone. That is fine. If you click on the Chapter Menu it gives a list of "chapters". I expected that these were separate DVD episodes. Nope. They are sections within the main Episode. So when assigning work via the teachers guide it was to watch episode 1. Ok but then you have 10 worksheets on that 1 episode However when you look at the worksheets it says for ex: Chapter 2 Overview and Chapter 3 Evidence. You need to get into the menu and click on that "chapter and episode 1 will jump to that part. Ugh. Its very confusing and confusing to assign. The teachers guide needs to be more specific, saying to go to the chapter menu and click on the parts that go with each worksheet. The DVD overall is good but using it with the teacher guide is very confusing
Creation affirming and fun look at our National Parks
Review by Herding little Cows
We have enjoyed many productions from Awesome Science Media over the years, but as the father of 8 children I especially enjoyed these educational, faith affirming videos that capture your attention with stunning pictures and video that keep children interested in topics like fossil formation, seismology, and more.

Kyle Justice and his crew have been producing quality videos for years and our family has been blessed to learn a lot about God's Creation and the results of the flood of Noah's Day from these DVDs.

Our younger children enjoy the images and antics of Noah Justice and the older children are given exciting reasons to look forward to visiting our National Parks when we travel. Maybe next time they will come to Maine and do a video on the beautiful geology and astronomical observations found at Acadia National Park. Until then, we will continue to enjoy this great video series.

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