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In America’s Story Volume 1, students will learn about the ancient Americas to the great Gold Rush, the infancy of our country through the founding of our great nation, catching glimpses of the leaders who would become known as the Founding Fathers. This homeschool American history curriculum for grades 3 – 6, consists of 28 chapters and five built-in reviews, making it easy to finish in one school year.

The America’s Story Volume 1 Teacher Guide provides easy-to-manage lessons that guide the reading, worksheets, and all reviews. The pages of this guide are perforated and three-hole punched so materials are easy to tear out, hand out, grade, and store. Included, you will find a convenient daily schedule, maps, chapter activity pages, review sheets, answer keys, a glossary of terms, special project ideas, a supply list, and more.

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Manufacturer Master Books
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Title America's Story 1 (Teacher Guide)
Subtitle From the Ancient Americas to the Great Gold Rush
Series America's Story
Volume in Series 1
ISBN 13 9780890519806
Contributors Angela O'Dell
Binding Perfect Bound with Perforated 3-Hole Punched Pages
Page Count 312
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
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An Unforgettable Journey Through American History!

America’s Story 1 brings history alive for upper elementary homeschool students. Your students will never forget the stories and adventures of explorers and pioneers who saw in America the chance to live a dream of freely worshipping God, a chance to own land, and the opportunity to search for wealth and opportunities.

Easy for homeschool teachers, exciting for students!

America’s Story 1 is designed to be easy to use as it guides your student through an exciting American history adventure as they:

  • Learn to retell history through the use of oral & written narration
  • Sketch their way through historical scenes
  • Create their own maps
  • And compile a timeline from the ancient Americas to the 1850s!

Teacher Guide features:

  • Convenient Daily Schedule—saving you time!
  • Student worksheets for narration (oral & written), sketching, map adventures, & timelines. (Note: worksheets are consumable. We recommend purchasing a Teacher Guide for each student).
  • Optional Digging Deeper activities
  • Special Project Ideas
  • Review sheets & answer keys
  • 3-hole punched, perforated pages for convenience
Review by ALM
Daughter loved the drawing part, but questions was to hard for her to understand to answer some of them.
Would Recommend!
Review by Michelle
My daughter loved the drawing and writing prompts to go along with the daily reading!
A Nice Addition
Review by Emily
This is good if your kids learn more outside the box. The activities and questions are creative and get you thinking, which is good, but for me personally I would like a little more cut and dry review of historical facts in a teacher guide. It does have the lessons planned out well to be enough but not overwhelming. I still would recommend it.
America's History Teacher Guide
Review by Kareth
This was useful to reinforce concepts in the history book. I used several of the writing assignments for our writing for the day. All of the activities were varied and inspirational. My children really loved the drawing and written narration parts best. This was a fun addition to the history course!
Not sure what we will use with this
Review by Carol
My son loves to learn, but is inhibited by checking boxes and writing out answers, etc. So, I have decided to do the timeline with this.

We are going to use a heavy cardstock and put them in sleeve protectors and make the timeline as our study, as we go along. He can add his own information on the timeline. I will probably use 'some' of the pages in the guide to add to the 3 ring binder.

It's sad, really. My son said today, "I love to learn I just don't like all that homework." We only do it to show the state that he did it and it ruins his love of learning. I'm hoping the timeline will be fun for him.
Good resource
Review by Christie
I appreciate the different worksheets, activities, & suggestions listed in the teacher's guide, they help reinforce what we are learning. The hands on activities/timeline are a great way to make the lessons more understandable & exciting for children.
Does not flow well
Review by Rhianne
I love the story book but these daily assignments did not flow well at all. They were not enjoyable and some were very confusing. Half way through the book I decided we'd only do a couple of the assignments that made sense. I don't think we'll be using Masterbooks for history anymore.
Take it or leave it
Review by Rachel
We truly loved America's Story 1, which I used with my 3rd grader, but we struggled to get the worksheets done. Some were a bit advanced for my 8/9 yo, some were a little boring, and some were a lot of writing which my kiddo balked at. After a few months in, we dropped the worksheets and just used AS1 as a read-aloud, which worked better for us. However, if your student enjoys worksheets or if you need paperwork for your portfolio/file, give this a try!
Not for us
Review by Heidi
We did not really use the teacher guide. We found it to be too difficult or too boring. The examples of what to draw stressed my child out, making them think they needed to draw as well as that. Overall, there’s just not enough valuable content in here and not worth the money. We love the history book though, just skip the guide.
Great rescource
Review by Amy
I bought two copies for each of my boys. Now you don't need to do every assignment - I like how I can choose what to do and what not to do. There is a lot of writing if you do everything. I do note booking with my boys so sometimes I would have them answer outloud or even just draw a picture for their notebook what they heard when I read to them outloud from the chapter. A few things I had my older son do, while my younger son skipped.
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