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For Ages 8-11

America’s Story Volume 3 Set teaches upper elementary homeschool students (grades 3-6) the amazing history of the United States of America from the early 1900s to Modern Times. This top-ranked history curriculum by Master Books features an engaging narrative, beautiful historic illustrations, photographs, maps, and more to help your student grasp the story of America’s history.

This one-year course comes with an easy-to-implement schedule. Lessons take approximately 45 minutes per lesson, five days a week.

What’s Included

1 x America's Story 3 (Teacher Guide)
1 x America's Story 3
SKU M059-8-SET
Manufacturer Master Books
Title America's Story 3 Set
Subtitle From the Early 1900s to Modern Times
ISBN 13 9781683440598
Series America's Story
Contributors Angela O'Dell
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Weight (in lbs) 3.8

An Unforgettable Journey Through American History!

America’s Story 3 concludes the exciting journey through American History as students explore discoveries and inventions, learn of the hardships of the Great Depression, and examine the challenges our nation still faces. This award-winning homeschool history curriculum series brings the settings and characters to life through an engaging use of storytelling and activities that help the student retain the information.

In America’s Story 3, your student will:

  • Discover the impact one president had on the New York City Police Department
  • Observe the first flight
  • Ride along with the development of the Model T
  • Experience the wonder and the tragedy of the Titanic
  • Explore America during & after the World Wars
  • Learn the hardships Americans faced during the Great Depression
  • Feel the excitement of new discoveries and technological advancement
  • and so much more!

Easy for teachers, exciting for students!

America’s Story 3 is designed to be easy to use. The set guides your student on an exciting adventure through American history as they:

  • Learn to retell history using oral & written narration
  • Sketch their way through historical scenes
  • Create their own maps
  • And compile a timeline from the early 1900s to Modern Times!

Exciting, interactive stories

America's Story 3 brings history alive for students in an exciting way! Through engaging narrative, O’Dell interacts with students and draws them in to imagine the adventures, hardships, failures, and triumphs of the incredible events and characters that shaped American history from the early 1900s to Modern Times.

America’s Story 3 Set Includes:

America’s Story 3 Student

  • Full-color student textbook featuring engaging narrative and beautiful historic illustrations, photographs, maps, and cultural connections.

America’s Story 3 Teacher Guide

  • Suggested Daily Schedule—saving you time!
  • Student worksheets for narration (oral & written), sketching, map adventures, & timelines.
  • Optional Digging Deeper activities
  • Special Project Ideas
  • Review sheets & answer keys
  • 3-hole punched, perforated pages for convenience

Course Features:

  • Approximately 45 minutes per lesson, 4-5 days per week
  • Designed for grades 3-6 in a one-year history course


Can I use this course with an older/younger student?

Yes. While America’s Story is designed for upper elementary students (grades 3-6), it is also very flexible and can be used with younger/older students. Younger students may require additional teacher involvement, while older students may complete additional activities or research projects to increase the difficulty of the course.

I have two or more students using this course together, what do I need to purchase?

We would recommend purchasing additional copies of the Teacher Guide. While the student guide could easily be shared between students, the Teacher Guide contains all of the consumable worksheets your students will need to complete the course. Purchasing an additional copy means each student will have worksheets available and ready for use.

Do we have to start in America’s Story 1

No. Each volume in America’s Story builds upon the next and creates a timeline of American History from the ancient Americas to Modern Times; however, each volume also stands alone, allowing your student to start and stop in any volume.

Navigating through the elements of the carousel is possible using the tab key.You can skip the carousel or go straight to carousel navigation using the skip links.
Top Ranked American History Homeschool Curriculum
America's Story: Your Top-Ranked Elementary History Curriculum

Introducing the homeschool industry's top-ranked American history curriculum for 3rd - 6th grade students: In 2022, homeschool families like yours voted America's Story series as the best solution on the market.

Really enjoyed it!
Review by
We loved the Americas Story series!! It's well written, and my son enjoyed the reading.
Wonderful books
Review by
We have loved using this history curriculum. They are so beautifully done and engaging for our son. He is moving to world stories this coming school year and we are excited.
Positively Amazing!
Review by
We have a love hate relationship with America's Story 3 -- it is amazing, but sad because we are finished! All three kids, grades 1-5, have LOVED America's Story. The lessons learned with a biblical worldview continue to amaze friends and family. Thank you, Angela O'Dell, for yet another amazing book!
Outstanding history books
Review by
I can't say enough about our experience with this curriculum. They are so colorful, engaging and very informative. I love how our son has taken a passion for history and science just from learning with Master Books.
Engaging and exciting
Review by
My children did a different American History for 2nd grade that left off where America's Story 3 starts. I have been incredibly happy with this book. We've been slowly reading through and learning so much. If I were to purchase another similar set, I would buy the teachers edition as a PDF and print the worksheets as desired.
Review by
These lessons are so in depth. We love learning each subject. MB makes it fun
Love the Series
Review by
I love this series; I have used the second and third book in the series and loved them both. It gives great concise history lessons with a timeline and has beautiful artwork.
Great overview
Review by
This has been a good series for my special needs 14 year old son. While some info goes over his head, he's getting some of the basics of American history. We research topics that interest him more deeply when we want to! My 5 year old son listens in on occasion too.
Great History Book
Review by
I love all the history books I have seen so far from Master Books. I am a bit picky when it comes to history books for my children. Part of the reason is that I have a history degree and am certified to teach it. I love history. I would also love for my children to love history. This book is engaging and keeps children wanting to learn more about history. There are many pictures of various events, timelines, and a clear balance way of presenting the facts. It makes teaching history to my children easy but does so in an interesting way.
Review by
We enjoyed this thoroughly. Lots of worksheets to choose from or do them all. I enjoyed reading this with my son. I think this book was very well put together and thoroughly enjoyed reading about history with my son.
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