As it is Written: The Genesis Account Literal or Literary? (Download)

As it is Written: The Genesis Account Literal or Literary? (Download)

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Readers come away with a better understanding of the six-day creation argument!

The framework hypothesis or literary framework view has grown in acceptance as more readers of Scripture place “science” as the authority over the interpretation of God’s Word. By re-interpreting Genesis, this view encourages Christians to disregard the plainly shared timeline of creation and instead consider it as merely figurative or poetic rather than historical and accurate. Kenneth Gentry carefully defines the framework hypothesis, while tracing its historical origins and purpose. This provides a helpful introduction both for those who know the framework hypothesis as well as any hearing the term for the first time.

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Title As it is Written: The Genesis Account Literal or Literary?
Subtitle Dismantling the Framework Hypothesis
Contributors Kenneth Gentry Jr.
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC

This important study:

  • Presents strong exegetical arguments for the six-day creation approach to Genesis
  • Illustrates the traditional interpretation of Genesis, a survey of exegetical arguments, and responses to alleged problems
  • Demonstrates the flaws in the framework argument.

This book presents in a simple but clear presentation the basic argument for a six-day literal interpretation of Genesis 1. It also explains and rebuts the framework hypothesis, which is a leading view in evangelical academic circles. This book is aimed at intelligent laymen, though with the academic reader in mind, with definitions of technical terms where they are necessary and Greek and Hebrew words transliterated.

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