Abby Nye Suddarth

Abby Nye Suddarth

Abby Nye Suddarth is already making her mark as a talented young contemporary Christian author. During her college career she wrote Fish out of Water – Surviving and Thriving as a Christian on a Secular Campus. Taking fresh classroom experiences and insight born of her own struggle to adapt in a world of liberal academia often hostile to Christian worldviews, Abby sheds important light on the minefield of ideology and intolerance Christians can face at secular colleges. Providing important strategies and advice on becoming a successful Christian student in hostile academic waters, Abby creates a compelling safety net of information which can help others to not only survive, but to thrive in the classroom and in the college social scene. Positive, empowered, and standing on faith, Abby proves Christian students need not suffer in silence or abandon their faith in the ivy-covered halls of secular universities.

Today Abby is married with twin daughters. Her husband completed five years in the Army serving in Iraq, and has now transitioned to civilian work. They currently live in New Jersey where Abby has put her career as a physician assistant on hold to raise her girls. She is enjoying the adventures of being a stay at home mom!

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