Carl Wieland

Carl Wieland

Dr. Carl Wieland is a former Adelaide, South Australia medical practitioner, Carl is in great demand as a speaker on the scientific evidence for the biblical creation/flood account and its relevance to Christianity. He has lectured extensively in Australia and overseas. Carl has written many articles on the subject of creation, evolution, and Genesis. He is the author of the popular Stones and Bones, which has been translated into five other languages. He is also co-author of One Blood: The Biblical Answer to Racism. In 1978 he founded Creation magazine, of which he is managing editor. The magazine now goes to over 140 countries.

Dr. Wieland's amazing testimony can be found in the book Walking Through Shadows. This book is designed to help Christians understand why bad things happen in this world. In Carl's case, he was severely injured in an automobile accident and underwent numerous surgeries. While his body is still suffering from the crash, his mind is extremely sharp. Dr. Wieland is a joy to listen to and an outstanding writer.

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