Dale Mason

Dale Mason

DALE MASON is a vice president at Answers in Genesis, one of the largest Bible upholding ministries in the world today. He is also the founding publisher of the award-winning Answers magazine, which is dedicated to building and affirming a solid Christian worldview. Dale and his wife Karen, a former public school teacher, home-educated their four children from preschool through high school, and now enjoy every opportunity that they can be with their expanding quiver of grandchildren. Dale’s passion is to inspire and equip family leaders to know the Bible and be comfortable in training the next generation. In connection with their book projects, Dale and his wife have appeared on numerous television and radio networks. Dale is a member of the board of directors of National Religious Broadcasters. He has also served as a director of International Christian Visual Media, and the Evangelical Free Church of America/West District. He has been active in various capacities in the local church, including: deacon, small group leader, Sunday school teacher, and youth group sponsor.

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