Dr. Gregory Jantz

Dr. Gregory Jantz

Today, more than ever, people long to know there is Hope... and that is precisely what Dr. Gregory Jantz represents to thousands. A national speaker, author and counselor, Dr. Jantz is the Founder of The Center for Counseling and Health Resources, Inc., known as “A Place of Hope” — a leading healthcare facility for mental health and chemical dependency treatment. He is a nationally certified eating disorder specialist, a state-certified chemical dependency counselor, a nationally certified psychologist and a licensed mental health counselor.

The Center for Counseling and Health Resources, Inc. specializes in whole-person care, emphasizing the emotional, relational, physical and spiritual aspects to healing and recovery. Individuals from across the world come to The Center to participate in the hope-filled work of recovery from a variety of traumatic issues through a unique, individually tailored treatment program. Over the course of more than twenty-four years, The Center has helped thousands of individuals and families restore their health and reclaim their lives.

Dr. Jantz’s whole-person approach is at the heart of his wide appeal. By addressing and engaging the emotional, intellectual, relational, physical and spiritual dimensions, he believes the entire person can emerge as a whole and healed human being.

Dr. Jantz speaks nationally at conferences, seminars, and retreats on a wide variety of topics utilizing his extensive expertise and experience. Dr. Jantz has also hosted several popular radio call-in shows, participating in more than sixteen-hundred individual interviews since 1995. The Center has been featured on The Dr. Phil Show, serving as a counseling resource for participants to that popular show. He has appeared on the 700 Club and many other television programs.

Married for twenty-five years to his wife, LaFon, he is the father of two sons, Gregg and Benjamin.

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