Joseph Chambers

Joseph Chambers

Rev. Joseph Chambers has been called a radical fundamentalist, a liberal or even a backslider. He calls himself a very simple man with a wonderful family. He has been the husband of Juanita for 47 years, the father of three children and grandfather to six grandchildren.

Chambers calls his family “Classical Pentecostals” They believe in living holy lives by the Word of God. The King James Bible is their infallible translation of Holy Scripture from the Textus Receptus manuscripts and they reject the liberal translations of Alexandrian manuscripts. They also believe in the Baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues.

Rev. Chambers pastors Paw Creek, is the General Overseer of the "Bible Holiness Ministerial Fellowship" with ministers in four foreign countries and across America. Their Christian Academy cares for children between 2 years old and the 12th grade. Using the A Beka curriculum, their radio ministry is worldwide and their newsletter is in over 50 countries.

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