Steven Boyd

Steven Boyd

Dr. Boyd was an Associate Research Scholar on the Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon Project at the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in Cincinnati, interim pastor and visiting faculty member at Capital Bible Seminary, Multnomah Biblical Seminary and Northwest Baptist Seminary before coming to The Master’s College. He is a specialist in biblical Hebrew, Semitic Languages and Old Testament Studies and is a member of both the Society of Biblical Literature and The Evangelical Theological Society.

He was on the R.A.T.E. team (an Institute for Creation Research (ICR) project, which studied radioisotope dating and the age of the earth) to research the linguistic characteristics of Biblical creation texts and is a contributor to their latest publications reporting their findings: Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth: Results of a Young-Earth Creationist Research Initiative and Thousands... not Billions: Challenging an Icon of Evolution- Questioning the Age of the Earth (both the layman’s book and DVD). He also has written a chapter for the forthcoming Biblical Authority and the Age of the Earth. In addition, he is an area editor for the 2008 International Creation Conference. He is currently involved in a new, ICR-sponsored, multi-year research project called FAST (Flood Activated Sedimentation and Tectonics), which is investigating the Genesis Flood. As part of the Flood Narrative Division of FAST, he is studying the Hebrew narrative to determine the chronology of the Flood. 

Dr. Boyd teaches with an emphasis on the insights to be drawn from the original languages of the Biblical text, with a sensitivity to its historical, cultural, religious and literary context and its theological content, and with a view to personal application. He has been recognized in Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers. He enjoys spending time with his wife and son, reading, singing, and computers.

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