Awesome Science: Historical Geology (Curriculum Pack)


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For Ages 12-14

Explore the geologic marvels of Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, Mount St. Helens, Dinosaur National Monument, and more in this fascinating Jr High homeschool science course. Your student will discover how science and geology confirm the Bible! In Awesome Science: Historical Geology, students in grades 7 - 8 will experience a visually stunning exploration of geologic features around the world. This study will amaze them as they discover the authority and historical evidence of the Bible’s truth through science!

Lessons are scheduled five days a week and take approximately 30 to 45 minutes to complete.

What’s Included

1 x Awesome Science: Historical Geology (Teacher Guide)
1 x Your Guide to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks
1 x Your Guide to the Grand Canyon
1 x America's National Parks: A Creation Tour (6 DVD Set)

A Look Inside

Book Trailer

Awesome Science: Explore Dinosaur National Monument with Noah Justice

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Awesome Science: Explore Glacier National Park

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Awesome Science: Explore Rocky Mountain National Park

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Awesome Science: Explore the Mammoth Site with Noah Justice

image description

Explore John Day Fossil Beds with Noah Justice

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Explore Meteor Crater and Petrified Forest with Noah Justice

image description

Explore Mt. St. Helens with Noah Justice

image description

Explore Yellowstone with Noah Justice

image description

Explore Yosemite and Zion National Parks with Noah Justice

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Explore the Grand Canyon with Noah Justice

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Manufacturer Master Books
Title Awesome Science: Historical Geology (Curriculum Pack)
ISBN 13 9780890519615
Page Count 3 Books; 6 DVDs
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Weight (in lbs) 5.5
Science: Historical Geology homeschool curriculum. This book and DVD based course guides your student through national parks and monuments to explore geologic marvels displaying evidence of the catastrophic processes of the Flood.

In Awesome Science: Historical Geology, students will:

  • Investigate the geology of God’s creation through wonders like Mount St. Helens
  • Experience geologic processes through bonus activities
  • Explore the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and Grand Teton National Parks through the incredible photographs and descriptions in the True North series
  • Evaluate insights about paleontological sites such as John Day Fossil Beds and Dinosaur National Monument
  • Learn about Glacier National Park and research the evidence for this area being created and eroded quickly by the effects of the Flood

Awesome Science: Historical Geology Curriculum Pack Includes:

Awesome Science: Historical Geology Teacher Guide

  • Suggested Daily Schedule—saving you time!
  • Worksheets
  • Tests
  • Answer Key

America's National Parks: A Creation Tour

Visit 12 national parks and monuments through the worldview of a Biblical creationist in this 6 DVD set! Your student will join Noah Justice in exploring the geologic marvels of the Arches and Natural Bridges, Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon and more, all showing so clearly that catastrophic processes of the Flood just a few thousand years ago have taken place to shape these amazing formations.

Your Guide to the Grand Canyon

Exploring the Grand Canyon is a one-of-a-kind adventure. It is a World Heritage Site and one of the most amazing features on the face of the planet. The size and majesty of the Canyon is overwhelming—it’s also a mystery! Was it formed quickly in a catastrophic event, or slowly over millions of years? In this guide, your student will journey through the Grand Canyon, discovering incredible views, fascinating science, intriguing creatures, and the evidence pointing to a quick formation during a catastrophic Flood.

Your Guide to Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks

Celebrate the Biblical history revealed within the landscapes of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks as your student journeys through both parks to discover amazing scenery, science that confirms the Bible’s truth, fascinating creatures, geysers, and so much more!

Course Features:

  • 30-45 minutes per lesson, 5x per week
  • Perforated, 3-hole punched worksheets
  • Recommended Grade Level: 7th - 8th
Good Info, a bit cheesy though
Review by Echo
I love the information, but it’s hard for the kids to take the videos seriously cause they are so cheesy
Good info but not very engaging
Review by Grace
After 2 weeks of using “Awesome Science”, I am putting it away. My child is 12, and having to watch a 30 video repeatedly in order to fill in the blanks, is really no fun. The worksheets read word for word what Noah Justice speaks. We did implement our own study into the GC guide book. All-in-all, I found this one course to be lacking, tedious, and boring; for the age range, I feel this course needs to be more hands on.
Videos and Travel guides make the course unique
Review by Traci
I bought this set after I discovered the Travel guide to Yellowstone and Grand Teton. We had just visited the parks on vacation and I decided to make the trip part of our school. Once I realized there was a whole course designed around the National Parks, we had to try it since we were planning to visit the Grand Canyon and Zion the next year. All of us watch the videos together, elemntary through HS. They are great...a bit redundant at times on the information, but the scripture throughout is our favorite. The workbook has too much. I am combining it with some of the HS gen Sci Geology for my HS student.
Review by Jamie
Overall we did enjoy the videos, wish there were books for all the parks. My kids learn better with reading and listening. Still had lots of good information! We purchased this as curriculum but also because we were going to be visiting several of the parks during an upcoming trip. It definitely prepared us and gave us knowledge for our trip.
Wanted to love, but left wanting
Review by Holly
My son chose this class to do this year for science, and we both thought it looked really fun and interesting. After having been doing this course for a bit now, I have some big thoughts about it.

1. The course is set up with several dvd's to watch that go over the geology in different national parks. The dvd's are pretty interesting, give good terminology to know, and give some good views of the parks.

2. It is great seeing our national landmarks and studying them.

3. Noah Justice is a personable host and relatable for the kids.

4. The 2 guidebooks that come with the dvd's are colorful and full of great information.

1. Each episode is only about 30 min long and students then have about 2 weeks worth of worksheets going over the 30 min video. The worksheets are 90% only writing verbatim what the host says. It's very tedious!

2. There are only 2 guidebooks so we were left wanting more info on the rest of the parks.

3. We found it very redundant that the only focus for the geology to be what it is is from Noah's flood. This course is a young earth science class.

4. We found the worksheets for this course to be very boring. Also, there are way too many worksheets to even want to do.

In summary, this could be a good class if there was some more thought put into it and some big changes made. There is way too much focus on worksheets, especially just filling in what the host says.

To better fit our learning style here, I have changed what we do with the class. We watch the video. I have cut out soooooo much of the worksheets, but will make some based on the big themes from each video. I have also added in some extra videos to give some additional perspectives on the geology. I think learning about both biblical and scientific perspectives lets the student see all sides and then we can talk about why each feels the way they do. We have also added some projects and field trips based on geology to do this year for extra hands on experiences.
Not to bad
Review by Janel
We tried this with our oldest . He looked through the science choices and wanted to give this one a try . It wasn’t our favorite, but it very interesting.
Great videos
Review by momof4
We bought this science for our 7th grade daughter. She enjoys the videos but the worksheets every single day that cover every sentence spoken is a bit much. She feels like she can't listen to the videos bc she's constantly trying to find what blank to fill in next. So we will be stopping the worksheets and narrating or doing a weekly writing assignment or something. But then it feels like it's much more 'elementary' than junior high.
Awesome Course
Review by Lisa
We loved this course. Our family was getting ready for a trip that would include some of the parks covered in this material, so I used it to get my boys excited about what was coming. We loved that it had so much information in it, plus it had great travel guides. I didn't get through all of the material before we left, and when we got back, there was so much more we wished we could have seen. Highly recommend it!
Review by Amy
We love the videos! The books are very well done as well. The worksheets are a challenge. Definitely most appropriate for 7-8 grade.
Very well done
Review by Dannielle
I purchased this curriculum for my 8th grade son. I am so glad that we went with the Awesome Science! The park books and the videos make this a very engaging course. Bonus - the entire family can watch the videos and learn together. I wish I had been offered a course like this when I was in Jr. High!

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