Biblical Beginnings for Preschoolers (Teacher Guide - Download)

Biblical Beginnings for Preschoolers (Teacher Guide - Download)


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Downloadable Biblical Beginnings for Preschoolers (Teacher Guide) contains materials for use with God Made the World & Me, A is for Adam, D is for Dinosaur, N is for Noah, Big Thoughts for Little Thinker series, and Noah’s Ark Pre-School Activity Book (all sold separately).

Captivate your preschool student with the most amazing events in the Bible as they learn foundational skills in this activity-based preschool program! Biblical Beginnings for Preschoolers teaches 3 - 5 year olds the alphabet, colors, numbers, shapes, opposites, Biblical history, and science through exciting storybooks, coloring pages, crafts, and activities!

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Title Biblical Beginnings for Preschoolers (Teacher Guide - Download)
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Welcome to the Wonder of Preschool!

Biblical Beginnings for Preschoolers engages your preschooler's curiosity, excitement, and inquisitive nature to foster their enthusiasm and joy in learning! Young learners will enjoy beautifully illustrated stories, experiments, crafts, coloring pages, interactive lessons, music, and so much more as they explore Creation and the wonder’s of God’s world!

In Biblical Beginnings for Preschoolers your student will learn:

  • The Alphabet, Colors, & Numbers
  • Animals, Insects, & Birds
  • Shapes & Opposites
  • Biblical History
  • Plants & Trees
  • and more!

Biblical Beginnings for Preschoolers Teacher Guide (Download) Features:

  • Suggested Daily Schedule—saving you time!
  • Lesson Plan (books sold separately)
  • Coloring Pages
  • Materials List

Course Features:

  • 45-60 minutes per day, 4x per week
  • Recommended Grade Level: Preschool / 3-5 years old
Review by Rachelle
A sweet curriculum to start off your homeschooling journey and give them a gentle yet solid start.
Review by Cherry
I love the idea of schedule already laid out and the materials list too. I was just confused at the beginning due to toggling between books but I got the hang of it as we move along. I had a bit of struggle keeping my little one’s interest when I have to go switch books because she thinks we are already done and she runs off. But when we are onto the lessons, she really likes it especially the songs.
My 3 year old likes this
Review by Amy
Started my 37 month old with the preschool curriculum set (in print not digital but the review would still be the same). This book is the guideline/teacher guide. Instead of doing 1 lesson 4 times a week, we've been doing 2 lessons together twice a week and it's just the right amount for his attention span and takes less than an hour. As others have noted, there is a lot of flipping back and forth in the supplemental materials, but it's manageable. He's loving preschool so far!

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