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View the foundational building blocks of life in Master Books’ Biology Through a Microscope (Lab Book.) Inside you will find full-color microscopic images of varied animals, insects, plants, fungi, and more with detailed information for using the modern microscope in the classroom.

This high school homeschool science resource is a supplement to Masters Class Biology and can be used as an alternative to purchasing a microscope. Biology Through a Microscope honors God as the Creator of life and leads the student to a newfound appreciation of His unfathomable wisdom.

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Manufacturer Master Books
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Title Biology Through A Microscope (Lab Book)
ISBN 13 9781683441915
Binding Paperback
Page Count 96
Publisher New Leaf Publishing Group, LLC
Dimensions (in inches) 8 1/2 x 11

Biology Through a Microscope is a must have resource for science fans! This full-color book is the perfect supplement to any biology course including Masters Class Biology, a homeschool curriculum for high school students.

Use Biology Through a Microscope to reveal a smaller level of God’s amazing world than your students may have ever considered. They will see in these microscopic images the basic building blocks of life as our Creator designed them to work together.

You will find this homeschool resource is highly engaging and offers:

  • Full-color microscopic images of varied animals, insects, plants and fungi, and microorganisms, as well as detailed information for using the modern microscope in the classroom.
  • Examples of stained and unstained slide samples, brightfield, darkfield, and phase contrast microscopy.
  • Practical tips about the use of the microscope and labels many of the slide images for easier identification of microscopic structures.

It is possible to use the contents of this book as an alternative to purchasing a microscope to fulfill the requirements of your high school biology curriculum with labs including Masters Class Biology. Please check your state homeschool regulations to confirm.

Table of Contents

  • General Microscope
  • Animals
    • General Biology: Animal Skin / Muscle
    • Dog
    • Flatworm
    • Frog
    • Hydra
    • Mouse
    • Pig
    • Rabbit
    • Roundworm
    • Bird: Feather Structures
  • Insects
    • Bee
    • Butterfly
    • Fruit Fly
    • Housefly
    • Mantis
    • Mosquito
    • Silkworm
  • Plants & Fungi
    • General Biology: Plant Structures
    • Algae
    • Bean
    • Buttercup
    • Cotton
    • Fern
    • Fungus
    • Grass
    • Lily
    • Liverwort
    • Moss
    • Pine
    • Squash
  • Microorganisms
    • Amoeba
    • Bacteria
    • Egulena
    • Paramecium
  • Glossary
  • Index
Not what we needed
Review by Sandra
I was very excited for this addition to our Biology curriculum. I have a student who is legally blind. Their vision is only in one eye and limited. I purchased our Biology curriculum from Masterbooks for two reasons. First, it was available in pdf format allowing for enlargement on a screen for this student to be able to read it without requiring Braille or voice-over. Second, it seems robust for my other student who is very science oriented. Then, I saw the Biology Through a Microscope resource and was thrilled. This book would allow my student with low vision to see the slides in a large photo rather than through a microscope, which is nearly impossible for them. However, it has been extremely frustrating to use the book. For example, when doing the labs (9 and 14) that use the onion root and ascaris slides, the book is not helpful. The Onion root slide isn't shown at all. The page listed for the ascaris slide is not accurate. Pages 28-29 show the cross section of a roundworm. Nothing in the photos depicts mitosis. The slide we own for ascaris shows cells in mitosis. My student with full vision was able to utilize the slide in our microscope to complete the lab, as they should. My student with low viision could not, and since they were not in the resource book, this student was not able to complete the lab without additional resources. We had to go find images of mitosis elsewhere. Maybe I miss-understood, but my impression was that this book would include enlarged photos/drawings of the slides needed for the Biology curriculum. The book is beautifully done. The photos and drawings are large. The labeling is poorly done because of low-contrast coloring. My purchase of the book was based on my understanding that it would include photos for all of the lab slides. It is so difficult to teach these higher grade subjects, sciences especially, to the visually impaired. When we find a publisher who seems to provide resources for this purpose and then the resources are not complete for the purpose, it is disappointing. Is the book well done for the average learner? Absolutely. Could the book have been organized in a way that is a true resource to the curriculum and was more accessible to everyone? Yes. I just wish this resource had lived up to my expectation.
Excellent Addition to Biology Curriculum
Review by Angela
This is a beautiful resource and a great addition to the biology course, especially if you do not have a great microscope.
Such a cool addition
Review by Tricia
We have thoroughly enjoyed being able to view life through a microscope by utilizing this fabulous book! We yet to have a great microscope but this book does the trick for us! Our son(8) thinks it’s so cool to be able to open the book and see life through a microscope! Will continue to reference over the years!
Get this!
Review by Courtney
Excellent addition to the biology set. Our slides are based on another curriculum, because I switched, so I'm missing slides this fills in the gaps.

Also, if my student has images to reference to compare with their microscope findings.
Review by Brittney
Very nice book, my daughter has enjoyed looking through it.
Beautifully done microscope slides
Review by Marie
This is a great book for any science enthusiast. This pairs well with biology if you do not have a microscope or to use alongside of the microscope to further your studies. This is a great book for young and old alike.
Review by Jamie
I just can't believe I have my hands on this book!! This is the coolest book WOW
A microscope in a book!
Review by Love2BeMom
This can be used as a standalone resource, but it makes a great companion resource for the Biology Master’s Class by Dr Dennis Englin. If used with the Biology Master’s Class, you don’t have to read all the text, it is supplemental, you can only focus on the images of the slides. It is ideal if you do not have a microscope, all lab images that are not already in the Biology Master’s Class book is in this Biology through a Microscope. The images are very clear, they used phase contrast and darkfield techniques to highlight important details and the images are clearly labelled. If you do have a microscope you can cross reference and make sure you are looking at the right thing in your image through the microscope. It is designed for high school, but the text is written so that younger students will also be able to understand. Make sure to look at the index at the back of the book to match which slides you want to see if using the Biology Master’s Class book.
Review by Christina
This is an amazing compliment to the study of life science. Great pictures and all done without having to purchase a microscope. I love the Biblical basis - what a wonderful way to see God's world- in a beautiful well written book. A great add-on to any science lovers homeschool library.
And then there are things that make you go hmmmm.....what an amazing, artistic and orderly God we have!!!
Review by Abbie
Lab notebook.....pretty non-descriptive, unexciting, general term. Even evokes thoughts of empty pages waiting to be filled, seat work in the making.....and from a homeschool mom's perspective a possible fight waiting to happen since most of my children are kinetic learners who despise seatwork more than anything.

Yet that is not what goes on here at all! No way. This book has children seeing God's intricate design in a whole new way. While exploring Science topics God's amazing character and love for His creation is front and center, through the microscope invites children into God's world - a part of the world that goes largely unseen by people. They are invited into a world that is smaller than they have known to see how the basic building blocks of life work together.

My 4 year old was listening to conversation we were having about some of the lessons when she chimed in - "how amazing that God likes the tiny things that we can't see!!" Yes!! How amazing!! And how amazing that God uses all things, even the tiny to point to His creation and his character!!

A must have for Science lovers!

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