7 Ways Crafted by God Teaches Pro-Life Values to Children

Book cover Crafted by God 7 ways this book teaches pro-life values to chlidren
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7 Ways Crafted by God Teaches Pro-Life Values to Children

Finally, there is a book to help you teach children to honor God's design for life, gender, and the unborn. In a kid-friendly way, Crafted by God offers the biblical teaching that every human life is made in the image of God and has extraordinary value. Within this uniquely interactive children’s book, you will find at least 7 pro-life values backed up by the Bible and science.

In this post, we offers quotes and images found in this amazing 12”x10” Christian children’s book: Crafted by God: From Fertilization to Birth.

little girl holding the book Crafted by Godlittle girl holding the book Crafted by God

1. When Does Life Begin?

“Remember, you are fully human right from the start by God’s design and you are made in the image of God.” 

“…God creates us just how He wants us to be with great care and love. From day 1 of our life, we are a human being, made in God’s image.”

2. Every Human Life has Value According to the Bible

“You are an amazing creation of God, right from your beginning! God made you with great care and purpose to bring him glory. God made you to display His amazing works!”

“Maybe among your friends you’ve noticed that you each have different abilities and interests and things that you’re good at or things you need help with. As you play with your friend and meet new people, you can think about each one, ‘You are made in the image of God! God made you amazingly in His own image!’”

3. The Stages of an Unborn Baby’s Development

4. When is Gender Biologically Assigned?

“You are a unique combination of DNA from your parents, and when that combination came together, you began! You are fully human right from the start with all the DNA that you need to become who you are.”

"Girls have two “X” chromosomes, but boys have an “X” and a “Y” chromosome. This doesn’t make boys better than girls or girls better than boys. We are all made in the image of God. But it does make boys and girls different. Those differences are part of our DNA so they are there right from the start and can never be changed."

5. Why Abortion Is Not God’s Way

"Sadly, some people use the word “tissue” or “clump of cells” when referring to the baby so that the baby’s life doesn’t seem valuable or worth protecting. But the baby is a baby, a human being, right from the moment of fertilization." 

“…God is gracious, loving, and merciful, and He is willing to forgive any sin, including the sin of abortion. He offers forgiveness to anyone who participates in an abortion, just as He offers forgiveness to those who lie or who disobey their parents.”

6. Individuals are Unique and Highly Valued Regardless of Their Differences

 “All the differences we see in people today came from the great variety that God put in Adam and Eve. They were the first two people that God created, and all people come from them so we are all one race, the human race, even though we look different.”

“Kieran has these differences because his DNA is just a little bit different from yours- he is missing a small section of DNA on one of his chromosomes. This particular arrangement is called Williams syndrome and there are many people around the world who have Williams syndrome. Each one of those people is unique and precious and made in God’s image!”

7. Why Unborn Babies Need to Be Defended and the Beauty of Adoption

“A precious baby in her mom’s womb can’t talk or say, “Hey! I’m a person! Please don’t hurt me!” But we can, and we need to speak up for them and look for ways to protect them. We also want to help mommies and daddies who may need help taking care of their babies.”

Help Them Love God and Love Their Neighbor

“As you explore life inside the mother’s womb with your child, you will be helping them to love God and love their neighbor.

“Because we are all made in God’s image, God wants us to treat other image bearers (people made in God’s image) kindly. This includes what we say to others and our actions toward them. What we say about someone shows how we feel about their Creator (James 3:9–10).” 


Explore this amazingly BIG, hardcover book in the authors' flip through video. Click here to watch it.