Prepared Not Scared: 8 Steps to Graduation Readiness for Christian Homeschool Moms

Prepared Not Scared: 8 Steps to Graduation Readiness for Christian Homeschool Moms
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Prepared Not Scared: 8 Steps to Graduation Readiness for Christian Homeschool Moms

As a Christian homeschool parent, the journey toward graduation can feel daunting at times. Recently, Master Books offered an online summit packed with biblical wisdom and practical ideas to help you prepare your homeschooled students to launch effectively into adulthood. One of the featured talks offered eight actionable steps to guide you and your family on this path. These steps are listed below and discussed thoroughly by homeschool moms, Desiree and Katelyn, in this video. 

1. Stop. Pray. Trust. 

Always begin with prayer and pray continually (1 Thessalonians 5:17) Seek God’s wisdom for each of your uniquely created children making God’s kingdom purposes the priority of their lives and education. (James 1:5, Matthew 6:33-34). 

Pray for spiritual wisdom in these specific areas:  

  • Discipleship
  • Gospel understanding
  • Apologetics
  • Practical wisdom for decision making
  • Academic wisdom in choosing courses and extended learning opportunities  

2. Study Your Teen 

Reflecting on their early years will provide you with clues that reveal your child's passions and interests. Understanding your teen's unique strengths and inclinations can inform your approach to homeschooling. 

3. Investigate Requirements 

Familiarize yourself with homeschooling laws and credit requirements in your state. Use Master Books’ Cumulative Report as a framework to develop a flexible four-year plan aligned with the student’s potential college or career paths. 

4. Provide Essential Tools 

Partner with the power of God’s Word to develop within your child a resistance to the unbiblical, destructive ideas enforced by our culture. A strong foundation in God’s Word is such a powerful force of healing and deliverance. (Psalm 107:20, 2 Peter 1:3, Romans 8:28)  

Life skills, study strategies, and critical thinking abilities are essential for a God-honoring adult lifestyle. You and your older students will find these courses to be very helpful in equipping them in these areas: 

Online Video-Based Courses at 

In the video, Desiree and Katelyn also recommended encouraging experiential learning through networking and trying new experiences. 

5. Seek Support 

Homeschool families can expand their network of support by engaging with homeschool communities, conventions, and co-ops. These are excellent sources of guidance and camaraderie. Tutors and mentorship opportunities are great sources of help.  

Master Books offers online learning courses at This allows your student to develop independent learning skills and offers you both the benefit of an expert instructor for subjects that are more complex in nature. 

6. Recalculate When Needed 

When you and your older students are faced with challenges, Desiree recommends collaboration with your child to reassess their goals and create actionable plans. She also recommends celebrating progress and adjusting strategies as necessary.  Remember to stay focused on what truly matters. 

7. Balance Love and Independence 

Seeking wisdom from God, you can prioritize family unity while nurturing your teen's independence and personal growth. Find ways to encourage confidence-building experiences, and continually embrace their evolving adulthood. 

8. Trust in God's Guidance 

Remember that homeschooling is part of your parenting journey, and God is the One Who equips you for the task. Take time to reflect on God's faithfulness in your life and trust His promise to guide and empower you as you go. 

In closing, remember that preparing your homeschool student for graduation is a journey filled with both challenges and blessings. Stay rooted in prayer, seek wisdom from experienced sources, and trust in God's plan for your child's future. We believe in you, and we are here for you along the journey.  

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