Easily Add Geography to any History Curriculum with Map Trek Atlas & Outlines

map trek adds geography to history homeschool curriculum
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Easily Add Geography to any History Curriculum with Map Trek Atlas & Outlines

Brilliant Success with Map Trek

Make teaching history and geography a brilliant success this year with our Map Trek Atlas and Outlines. Students of every age will benefit from using these full-color maps and outlines with any history or geography course. The set includes an atlas of historical maps from Creation to the present and a book of student activities. 

Using these maps will help your students:

  • Develop critical thinking skillsUnderstand a large amount of information presented in a compact form
  • Increase interest and engagement with the material, whether teacher-led or independent study
  • Quickly make connections between what they have read and its impact in the real world
  • Learn to use spatial skills in relation to scale and distance
  • Process mental mapping and visualization skills

Get your free digital download of lesson plans for student activities when you click the button below. Look for the link under "Resources."

How Map Trek is Working for This Family

Jennifer shared this post about how the Map Trek Set is working for her family recently in the Moms of Master Books Facebook group. Within minutes there was a thread of 30 comments from other homeschool moms reporting how well it is working for their families too. Here's what Jennifer shared.

"I have to reiterate how valuable the MapTrek maps are.... No matter what we are doing in history, I can quickly add a map activity to the topic. My boys enjoy coloring the maps while I do our read-aloud portion. One of the best resources I ever purchased!" Jennifer M.

More Great Reviews from Moms

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "The Map Trek Set has really been a fun and no stress way to incorporate geography work with our history book. My students have had a lot of fun seeing the actual map trail of Daniel Boone, the Revolutionary War, etc. I love having the Outline book to go with the Atlas. Watching the kids recreate the trails and maps has been a good hands on activity that has helped them retain what they are learning." Lyn

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "This geography set is one of those homeschool resources that will be used year after year regardless of what we are studying.  I love having all the maps in one place so I can quickly find a map to go along with any lesson. We can pull out the blank maps from Map Trek Outlines to add geography to our day in a stress free way. This set is the perfect companion to any history or geography lesson. We also enjoy using the maps when a book we are reading mentions a location we are unfamiliar with. This a must have for homeschool families!" Danielle


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