America's Story: Your Top-Ranked Elementary History Curriculum

Top Ranked American History Homeschool Curriculum
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America's Story: Your Top-Ranked Elementary History Curriculum

Introducing the homeschool industry's top-ranked American history curriculum for 3rd - 6th grade students: In 2022, homeschool families like yours voted Master Books' America's Story series as the best solution on the market.

This #ProBible history curriculum offers an unedited history of America. Truth matters! We want to help you help your students soar into adulthood knowing where and when America has followed God's Word, has failed to honor Him, and how these things have impacted the world.

We must learn history in order to learn from it!

Did we mention that we also offer audio books and timeline kits for each volume!?! These educational tools really make the courses come alive for students. and scroll down to find them.

What Homeschool Moms Love About America's Story

Wow! There are over 650 reviews of Volumes 1, 2, & 3 curriculum sets. Here are 4 from homeschool moms like you who love and recommend these courses.

"I really loved how unbiased this book is and how it's from a biblical viewpoint!" Michelle (America's Story Volume 1)

"My children who did not enjoy history, have all fallen in love with all things history and beg to read this together! Thanks, Angela O'Dell for loving our children by writing a Biblically accurate, historically accurate, and detailed account of our Country's history." Ginger (America's Story Volume 2)

"We are big into history in our homeschool and the entire America's Story curriculum has been a game changer for our family! It is not only beautifully written; the pictures and illustrations are spot on. We love everything about it!" Kam (America's Story Volume 3)

"I love the audiobook of America's Story because we can listen to it on the go, like a story. We usually listen in the car because we have a 30 min drive a few days a week and I like to get our school in as we go rather than think we have an hour of missed school. We can always go back and refer to the book or look at anything she points out for us to look at." Traci (America's Story Volume 1 Audio Book)

Meet the Author: Angela O'Dell

Angela O'Dell, author of America's Story, The Worlds' Story, and Math Lessons for a Living Education joined the Master Books podcast this week to discuss the history of Memorial Day. Listen to this powerful episode to get a glimpse of her heart for history and your students! She shares on the following:

⭐ The Importance of studying America's history and celebrating Memorial Day

⭐ Ideas to help students truly honor America, it's veterans, and service men and women.

⭐ The importance of maintaining and studying an unedited history.

⭐ How studying history is the best way to learn from our history

⭐ How service to God and service to one's nation is similar.


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