New Art Course for Homeschool High School Students

art elective for homeschool high school
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New Art Course for Homeschool High School Students

Homeschool families have been asking for it and now it is here! We are so happy to share our brand-new Art for the High School Student course at Master Books Academy. Wow! This one semester video course is rooted in the biblical worldview, honors God, and teaches your teens to use the concepts of line, shape, color, value, texture, form, and space to create their own art.

Start today! We have a FREE preview of this easy-to-follow course ready for you!

Note: Previewing the course requires you to have an account at which is free.

Things You Will Love About This Course!

The Master Books Academy Art for the High School Student elective e-course is a winner for homeschool families! You will enjoy these built in blessings. 

  • All inclusive (no additional curriculum purchase required)
  • Affordable! Only $54.95 for 18-months access for your household
  • Printable worksheets and supply lists included
  • Creative outlet for your students
  • Fun course for adults as well

Course Creator: Julia Smith

Your course instructor, Julia Smith, has a passion to be used by God to share how every brush stroke, scratch of a pencil, and molding of clay is and always should be inspired by God’s Word. This quote from her lesson on color theory shows how this course is uniquely designed to help your student love the God of all creation and use their gifts to honor Him.

"As artists we have a job to use color to portray a message to our audience. As artists who believe in the one true Creator, we have a much bigger responsibility when it comes to the use and handling of color. Actually, in Ezekiel, we are told that the glory of the Lord around His throne is like rainbows surrounding him. And we know that the rainbow is actually a symbol of HIs promise. So, when we are utilizing color, we are actually using something that symbolizes His glory and his faithfulness. When we use color, it is our honor and our privilege, but it is also our responsibility to use it wisely and in a way that always reflects Christ's glory.  That is why you need to know this art element, so you know how to use it for His glory and for the best of your ability."


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