Beginning Ukulele: Available Now at

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Beginning Ukulele: Available Now at

Learn to play the ukulele! It happens to be the easiest stringed instrument to play! Now everyone in your family who is seven years and older can learn to play using our brand-new Beginning Ukulele course at

This one semester elective is a very affordable opportunity, and it is a great way to add joy to your homeschool. All you need is a ukulele, a tuner, this course, and a device to watch the video instructions. Click the link below to preview the course for free. Note: Once purchased, you have access to the course for 18 months.

Simple Steps to Success

Beginning Ukulele is an easy-to-follow step by step course that has your lesson plan already completed for you. Students, grades 2 and up, will enjoy learning chords and songs to play on the ukulele immediately. We have included song recitals as a fun part of the process of learning to play this popular instrument. 

Your students will simply watch 2 video lessons each week and rehearse what they have learned 3 times a week. Master Books Academy instructor, David Farley, even provides video practice examples to help everyone taking the course succeed.

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