Use this Bible Curriculum to Guard Your Teen Against Cultural Lies, Cults, and Heresy

Homeschool Bible curriculum to guard your teen against cultural lies
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Use this Bible Curriculum to Guard Your Teen Against Cultural Lies, Cults, and Heresy

At Master Books, we create #ProBible homeschool curriculum with a heart to help you fulfill your God-given parenting assignment: to prepare your children to enter adulthood knowing and believing God through His Word. Godless cultural giants are prepared to defeat the ill-prepared with so-called “evidence” that God’s Word cannot be trusted. With Foundations in Faith a unique Bible curriculum for preteens and teens, your students will learn to know and honor God in ways that help them battle against the culture’s lies, cults, and heresies.

Foundations in Faith, written by Israel Wayne, teaches students to rely on the infallible nature of God and the Scriptures. In this homeschool Bible curriculum, he presents truths about God by teaching the creeds and confessions (statements of faith) created in previous generations to help Christians overcome all types of heresies. Bible doctrine, church history, and systematic theology are three ways this course will help your teen to know the truth and identify the lies presented to them.

1. Bible Doctrine

To study Bible doctrine is an excellent way to teach the truths of the Holy Scriptures. Foundations in Faith gives your student a firm foundation for their faith by teaching the following doctrines and more: the study of God, Jesus’ divinity, the Trinity, the virgin birth, the Resurrection, etc. Having a Scriptural knowledge of these most important issues and historical facts will help them defend their faith against falsehood for years to come.

picture of Foundations in Faith Bible curriculum with quote about good doctrine picture of Foundations in Faith Bible curriculum with quote about good doctrine

2. Church History

Throughout history, Christians have wrestled with the need to live wholly devoted to the Bible’s instruction when cultural ideologies were competing with or seeping into their view of God and His sovereignty. Along the way, Bible scholars developed creeds and confessions to help the body of Christ live a God-honoring life. Those creeds and confessions are presented in this course to help the student learn from history and cling to the Word.

3. Systematic Theology

A systematic theology organizes the teachings of the Bible to promotes comprehension and retention. Foundations in Faith reveals how core doctrines of the faith systematically build on one another. These building blocks will help your preteens and teens to logically explain their faith in God and defend their beliefs against the widely promoted vain philosophies presented in the media and even in governmental institutions.

In addition to learning Bible doctrine, church history, and systematic theology, this course also gives your student an introduction to hermeneutics which helps them learn to read the Bible in context. Spiritual disciplines and practical ways to live a life of obedience to God are also taught in this course. 

Help your students move from merely knowing about God to knowing God! The abundant or eternal life Jesus came to offer every member of your family is found in trusting the God who is revealed in the Scriptures and in relying on those truths every single day. We believe this course will ignite a confidence in the One True God that will help your students live in and by the Word for the rest of their lives. 

Learn more about the course and how to use it in your homeschool, family devotions, and church settings in this interview with Israel Wayne on the Master Books podcast.

About the Author

Israel Wayne is a respected homeschool author and conference speaker with a passion for defending the Christian faith and promoting a Biblical worldview. He and his wife are homeschool graduates who have chosen homeschooling their eleven children.