Our Next Book Club Starts October 5th!

Master Books Club Reading Gospel Reset by Ken Ham
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Our Next Book Club Starts October 5th!

Join the Moms of Master Books for the next Book Club. Starting October 4th, the group will begin reading Gospel Reset: Salvation Made Relevant by Ken Ham. There will be reading assignments and group discussions in the Book Club group inside the Master Books app

About the Book:

Today’s pastors, evangelists, and laymen are struggling to connect with this generation in the same way Paul struggled to reach the Greeks in Acts 17. Gospel Reset presents a practical, biblical framework that will equip the Church to effectively fulfill the Great Commission in these latter days.

While the plan of salvation never changes, Ken Ham suggests the language we use to share the good news needs a reset. A fast growing majority in our world has no concept of sin, gives no credence to the Bible, and has no foundation for commonly used evangelistic terms such as grace, salvation, and redemption. In order to reach them, our choice of words and the starting point of our gospel presentation need to be adjusted.

This book will help you understand how to effectively reach the lost with a message of salvation that actually makes sense.



"I did not put this book down and neither did my son. It explains why we are unable to reach the younger generation. It even explained to me why I struggled with my faith while I was attending public school, and why none of my classmates understood my beliefs." Tammy


"This book was an eyeopener for me. Being in the Bible-Belt all my life, this is a great perspective on how to share the Gospel with those with a different foundation." Jennifer

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