Building Your Child's Biblical Worldview Through Homeschooling

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Building Your Child's Biblical Worldview Through Homeschooling

Decades of worldview research indicate that worldview is established between ages of 15 months and 13 years. Your role as a parent and home educator is so critical and has such long term effects.

Sobering Worldview Statistics

According to the American Worldview Inventory 2020, conducted by the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University, only 6% of American adults today have a biblical worldview. While this is shocking, it is even more shocking to discover that only 5% of those aged 37-55 possess a biblical worldview and, even worse, only 2% of Americans aged 18-36. In the mid-1990s, approximately 12% of American adults possessed a biblical worldview. Why the sharp decline? Where is the disconnect? Dr. George Barna commented on the results of the American Worldview Inventory 2020 that this is a dire warning sign and dramatic changes are necessary.

Solution: Intentional Family Discipleship

According to Deuteronomy 6 (along with many other portions of Scripture), you have been called to do the discipling. This chapter is such an important part of the Bible for us as parents. The Lord makes it clear — we are to diligently teach our children how to love Him.

We are to talk of Him and His commands when we are sitting, walking, lying, and rising. When our children ask us questions about our faith, He wants us to share the testimony of His goodness in our own lives. This doesn’t naturally happen on its own; discipleship is intentional.

Resources to Ensure Your Children Have a Biblical Worldview

Since 1975, Master Books' mission has been "Ink on Paper to Touch Eternity." We are fullfilling that mission by publishing homeschool curricula and supportive resources that intentionally reveal the authority of God's Word in every subject. We are more than a "Christian homeschool curriculum company" - we are a "biblical homeschool curriculum company." Learn more about our #ProBible focus in the replay of our 2022 Summit: The Smarter Way to Homeschool.

The resources below are categorized as Bible curriculum or electives. Search here to see more biblical homeschool curriculum.

Junior High

High School

*Portions of this post have been excerpted from Where Faith Grows Level 1


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