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Master Books homeschool curriculum shorter lessons work
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The Reason Master Books Short Lessons Work So Well

The Master Books Method of Education incorporates shorter lessons especially for the younger students. This is based on educational research and has proven very effective for homeschooling families. In this short video, Kristen Pratt – Master Books Brand and Curriculum Development Editor, shares why this approach to academic excellence works so well.
The Master Books Method of Education
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The Master Books Method of Education

Here at Master Books, we offer #ProBible homeschool curriculum based on an education model that helps Christian homeschool families experience great success. The Master Books Method of Education was developed under the leadership of Randy and Kristen Pratt, Master Books President and Curriculum Development Director. As husband and wife, they have already launched six of their nine homeschooled children into adulthood. With a team of educational experts, the latest brain development research, and the desire to help families overcome homeschooling’s major stressors, the Pratts are leading the Master Books team to help the Christian homeschool community soar in the vital area of family discipleship.
The Homeschool Curriculum that works best for families
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Three Reasons Developmentally Appropriate Homeschool Curriculum Works Best for Families

When a homeschool family finds themselves overwhelmed and burned out, it is wise to evaluate the effectiveness of the curriculum. Is your curriculum meeting your student’s individual needs, or is it forcing the student to adjust to a rigorous plan that exceeds their physical, mental, and emotional development? At Master Books, we are intentional about helping your children become confident students who love to learn. The Master Books Method uses a whole child approach to learning which helps you consider your child’s readiness for the subject matter, their attention span, and their ability to retain information.
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5 Tips for Setting Your Own Pace in Homeschooling

Homeschooling can be a flexible and personalized learning experience, allowing you to set your own pace and tailor the curriculum to your child's individual needs and abilities. At Master Books, we encourage you to create a rhythm of learning, exploring, and doing life together that meets your family’s needs. These five tips on setting your own pace will help you win at homeschooling.
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6 Keys to Choosing the Best Homeschool Curriculum for Your Family

Choosing a homeschool curriculum can be a challenging task. Your choice is extremely important because it will impact your child’s worldview and their love for learning. When selecting a curriculum, it's important to consider your child's learning style, their individual needs, and your budget.