Exploring Master Books Homeschool Curriculum for Preschool: A Comprehensive Review

Exploring Master Books Homeschool Curriculum for Preschool: A Comprehensive Review
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Exploring Master Books Homeschool Curriculum for Preschool: A Comprehensive Review

Homeschool families teach their preschool age children life skills throughout the day, but what about an official curriculum at this age? Master Books understands the need to teach preschoolers at a pace that fits their stage of brain and body development. We offer home educators two unique Christian homeschool curriculum solutions to help gently introduce formal learning in a playful way. This is a wonderful opportunity to give them a great foundation for academics, love for God, and a love for learning. Throughout this post, we will give you a thorough overview of our two unique preschool homeschool curriculum solutions.

Master Books Preschool Curriculum Solutions:

At Master Books, we are known for our commitment to providing biblically sound educational resources for academic excellence. Our preschool curriculum is no exception, offering a comprehensive, developmental approach to early childhood education that integrates faith-based principles seamlessly into each lesson. Let us introduce you to our two preschool curriculum options.

Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones, an award-winning, Christian homeschool curriculum for preschoolers, is designed to launch your student on a path of educational success. This full-color, workbook style course offers a developmental approach to learning concepts such as colors, letters, nutrition, matching objects, and weather, while also nourishing their faith in God. 

Stepping Stones curriculum for preschool age children by Master Books Stepping Stones curriculum for preschool age children by Master Books

Download a free preview of Stepping Stones here.

Biblical Beginnings for Preschool Essentials

Biblical Beginnings will captivate your preschool student with the most amazing events in the Bible as they learn foundational skills in this activity-based preschool program! With this 11 book set including a teacher guide, you will teach 3 - 5 year olds the alphabet, colors, numbers, shapes, opposites, Biblical history, and science through exciting storybooks, coloring pages, crafts, and activities!

Key Features of Each Preschool Curriculum

1. Faith-Based Approach: Central to our preschool curriculum is its integration of biblical teachings into every area of learning, fostering spiritual growth while learning foundational concepts. You will find that the Master Books Method of Education always uses a whole child approach taking into consideration brain development, motor skills, and more.

Stepping Stones offers one lesson per week with three days of assignments each week. Each week, one assignment has you teaching them about a hero of the Bible. You will also teach your child simple memory verses using hand motions and maybe even a familiar tune.

Biblical Beginnings includes biblically sound, age-appropriate books to assist you in teaching your 3–5-year-old to know and love God. Guided by the lesson plans, you cover topics including the gospel, Scripture, the Trinity, and the Christian’s mission. Activity books included will inspire your dear little one to love the God who created everything. These books are highly recommended by our customers and are sure to remain a loved resource in your family library. 

2. Hands-On Learning: Recognizing the importance of experiential learning for young children, Master Books incorporates hands-on activities, sensory experiences, and interactive projects to engage preschoolers in meaningful ways.

Stepping Stones offers coloring throughout and provides opportunities for your child to learn sorting and matching. Teacher instructions within the book guide you to model the activities for the children.

Biblical Beginnings includes crafts, coloring pages, interactive lessons, music, and so much more as you guide your child on an exploration of Creation and the wonders of God’s world!

3. Multi-Subject Integration: Rather than compartmentalizing subjects, Master Books adopts an interdisciplinary approach. This whole-child approach encourages a deeper understanding of the world around them.

Stepping Stones brings in and builds background knowledge through connections to the world around them. It incorporates social sciences, social-emotional learning, Bible, and more into one lesson by using topics that are familiar. Stepping Stones offers a seamless approach to connecting the topics to an overall theme.

Biblical Beginnings offers lessons that incorporate numbers, letters, arts and crafts, Bible, and science. 

4. Flexible Structure: At every skill level, Master Books provides a flexible framework that accommodates diverse learning styles and preferences, enabling parents to tailor the pace and content to suit their child's individual needs.

Stepping Stones suggests a 3 day a week lesson schedule. Parent educators are encouraged to adapt to the pace of the child’s development and the family’s needs.

Biblical Beginnings offers a 4 day a week schedule for lessons with the opportunity to adjust this to your family’s needs and your child’s level of interest and attention span.

5. Parent-Friendly Resources: Master Books understands that parents are crucial partners in their children's education. So we provide comprehensive teacher guides or direction within the open and go workbook. The supply lists for hands-on activities are always easy to find.

Benefits of Master Books Preschool Curriculum:

1. Nurtures Spiritual Growth: By infusing biblical truths into daily lessons, the curriculum fosters a strong foundation of faith from an early age, helping children develop a love for God’s Word, godly character, and an awe and reverence of God.

2. Promotes Active Exploration: Through hands-on activities and sensory experiences, preschoolers are encouraged to actively engage with their environment, fostering curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking skills.

3. Encourages Family Involvement: The flexible nature of the curriculum encourages family involvement in the learning process, fostering stronger bonds and creating memorable learning experiences together.

4. Prepares for Kindergarten Readiness: Master Books ensures that preschoolers acquire essential skills and knowledge in readiness for kindergarten, laying a solid foundation for future academic success. Our Kindergarten curriculum, Simply K, was developed by the author of Stepping Stones guaranteeing the readiness for the child’s next step in academic success.

5. Instills Lifelong Love for Learning: By making learning fun, meaningful, and relevant to children's interests and experiences, both Stepping Stones and Biblical Beginnings instill a lifelong love for learning, setting the stage for a lifetime of curiosity and exploration.

In conclusion, at Master Books Homeschool Curriculum we offer a comprehensive, faith-based approach to early childhood education, fostering spiritual growth, academic readiness, and a lifelong love for learning. By providing engaging, hands-on experiences and flexible resources, it empowers you as parents to play an active role in your child's educational journey. 


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Hi, I have a Preschooler starting in September and I was wondering if I should order both, Stepping Stones & the Biblical Beginnings? Do they work in conjunction with each other? Is one geared more towards a Bible study approach while the other is core school education? I appreciate your help.
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