Why Christian Teens Need to Study Forensic Science (New Curriculum Available)

students need a biblical worldview of forensic science
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Why Christian Teens Need to Study Forensic Science (New Curriculum Available)

Forensic science is a fascinating study of over twenty scientific disciplines offering investigative work to the judicial system. Master Books’ Intro to Forensic Science from a Biblical Worldview reveals God as the Author and Designer of science and the need for Christian investigators reporting to the judicial system.

Why should your homeschool student study forensics from a biblical worldview? Dr. Jennifer Rivera, the author of this new homeschool curriculum for 11th and 12th grade students, reveals why this field of science needs Bible-believing, disciples of Christ. The following is taken from the student text.

Origins Matter When Evaluating Historical Science

A biblical worldview requires a scientist to start with God’s Word to interpret historical science. Remember, historical science refers to events that occurred in the past. This could include the historical account of origins (creation by God in six days) provided in the Bible versus man’s evolutionary ideas (goo to the zoo to you). A secular worldview starts with man’s ideas regarding past events. Both worldviews examine the same evidence but come to very different, and often conflicting, conclusions because the starting point is different.”

A Biblical View of Crime and Criminals

In the world of forensic science, investigators operating from a biblical worldview must recognize that they are not “good” people sending “bad” people to prison. In the Bible, Romans 3:10 is clear that no one is good: “None is righteous, no, not one.” This goes back to the original sin described in the book of Genesis.

Satan directly questioned the authority of the all-powerful God. Adam and Eve listened to the serpent and sinned against God that day, and everything changed. Their sin cursed God’s perfect world, resulting in the effects we still observe on a daily basis. The world continues to groan under the effect of sin (Romans 8:22). Every individual born enters this world with sin (Romans 5:12) and is in need of redemption. It is very humbling to realize that a forensic investigator (and yourself) is no better in the eyes of a perfect God than the criminals they are investigating.

Integrity & Work Ethic Needed in Forensic Scientists

The role of a forensic scientist operating through a biblical lens should reflect certain traits and a work ethic that distinguish them from other investigators. A few characteristics might be honesty, integrity, and servanthood. Proverbs 10:9 reminds us, “Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but he who makes his ways crooked will be found out.” This involves following the policies and procedures outlined by the employing agency and maintaining high levels of excellence throughout the entire investigative process from the crime scene to the courtroom. 

Christian forensic scientists offer high levels of excellents throughtout the investigative processChristian forensic scientists offer high levels of excellents throughtout the investigative process

Additionally, a forensic scientist must provide truthful testimony regarding their technique and analysis throughout the investigation. Exodus 23:1 states, “You shall not spread a false report.” By following biblical principles, a forensic scientist has the opportunity to stand out from other investigators by providing a model of godly leadership and the servant heart of Christ. Ultimately, the work of a forensic scientist should glorify the God they serve in every decision, action, and reaction that occurs in the field of investigation.

The Forensics of Jesus’ Death on the Cross

Look inside the free PDF preview of the student text to discover the forensic case study of the most horrific murder in history, the death of the Creator of the Universe, the Lamb of God, the I am, Jesus Christ. You will find this on page 9. The following page reveals more about the Savior and how He relates to forensic science. 

Learn More

Dr. Jennifer Rivera joined the Master Books podcast to discuss how she designed the course for 11th and 12th grade students. Click here to watch the show. 


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