Add Happy Math Moments & Feel Like the Homeschool Hero

math lessons award winning curriculum for elementary students
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Add Happy Math Moments & Feel Like the Homeschool Hero

We believe homeschooling should be full of joyful moments and the teacher should feel like a hero more often. Don't you agree? Using our unique Master Books Method of Education, we designed Math Lessons for a Living Education to ensure your family enjoys mastering math! Here are 4 reasons homeschool families recently voted this elementary math series as the top-ranked curriculum solution. 

Happy Homeschool Heroes 

Homeschool parents are having great success using the Math Lesson series which spans from kindergarten to grade level 6 and includes great resources for extra practice. Explore the series below.

Happy Notes from the Heroes 

"This book is the perfect introduction of math. Super gentle and easy to follow, helping your child get a good grasp of numbers in general." Jessica (Math Level K)

"This was such a relief after a much more rigorous spiral approach math. The previous math had my son in tears. MLFLE was more manageable and a joy for him to complete, leaving time for other interests." Kareth (Math Level 4)

"6th grade math is no joke! I am thankful for the short lessons that review often! The other math we have used was so long!" Amy (Math Level 6)

"The Practice Makes Perfect series are a great addition to each Math Lessons for a Living Education level. It has helped us solidify the concepts taught and move forward with confidence." Tam (Practice Makes Perfect Level 2)

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