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10 Powerful Quotes to Inspire Your Homeschool Goals

Let's talk about what really matters in education. Dr. Jason Lisle, a Master Books author, speaker, and creation scientist, shared the bibllical worldview of education in our Smarter Way to Homeschool Summit and we are offering it in this episode of podcast. In this 23 minute show, you will gain critical insights on the need to have an eternal focus when homeschooling. Today I am sharing quotes from this interview with Dr. Lisle. I'm confident they will inspire every Christian parent to disciple their children more intentionally through homeschooling.

Quotes on Discipling Your Children Through a Biblical Education by Dr. Jason Lisle

"Education is supposed to be training people to think in a way that is consistent with God's character and act in a way that is consistent with God's character."

"We are NOT to embrace educational systems that are contrary to God's Word."

"Public schools teach that God is irrelevant to knowledge."

"Every subject should be rooted in the character of God."

"God never gave the state authority to educate children. That is something that He gives to parents. Parents can delegate but only to a godly teacher - someone who is going to train them up in the fear of the Lord."

"The most important thing you can teach a child is to understand the Bible, to have respect for it and to obey God, to repent of your sins and trust in Christ as Lord and Savior. It is not an academic game for me. Souls are on the line."

"Know the risks of having a "Chrisitan" homeschool curriculum that does not honor God as He truly is."

"It is important to get a good curriculum because it also serves as a teacher. Make sure you get a good, God-honoring curriculum."

"Most students who graduate from a public school, leave with a secular worldview because the curriculum was secular and the majority of the students were also."

Dr. Lisle is the author of several of Master Books homeschool curriculum as well as many best selling Christian apologetics titles. You can explore his work below.

Homeschool Curriculum by Dr. Jason Lisle

Christian Apologetic Books by Dr. Jason Lisle

You can also watch this podcast with Dr. Jason Lisle discussing his biblical astronomy homeschool curriculum .

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