Human DNA Research Proves the Authority of the Bible

Human DNA Research Proves the Authority of the Bible
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Human DNA Research Proves the Authority of the Bible

Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson, research biologist at Answers in Genesis, joined the Master Books podcast to share his breakthrough research revealing how tracing human DNA  has proven the authority of the Bible. In his book, Traced: Human DNA's Big Surprise, Dr. Jeanson shows that genetically we can all trace our ancestry back to the family on Noah's Ark.

This information puts Creation Science on the offensive and evolutionists on the defense when debating the biblical timeline. It also disproves racial superiority theories and demolishes the idea of white surpremacy. 

Homeschool families with this new brand new research will be able to add these truths to their student's history and bible curriculum.


Listen to the Podcast with Dr. Jeanson here.


Podcast Highlights:

1:55 - Dr Jeanson's homeschool background

3:39 - Human DNA's Big Surprise

4:00 – Tracing your ancestry back to Noah’s family

5:53 – The Rosetta stone of human history

6:55 – DNA research gives the indigenous people their history back

7:05 – Traced offers this amazing new discovery before it is incorporated in homeschool history curriculum

8:28 – A new phase of Creation Science

9:35 – Dr. Jeanson homeschools his children

9:42 – Know which descendant of Noah you came from

11:12 – How this DNA Research impacts the age of the earth debate

16:03 – Creation Scientists have met the standard of science that evolutionist have demanded

17:16 – Evolutionists’ response to the DNA research presented in Traced

21:56 – New DNA research disproves racial biases and could resolve racial conflicts

25:40 – How can anyone claim racial superiority (white supremacy for example) with these facts?

27:46 – Traced is a readable history book tracing humanity’s DNA


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