Infusing Biblical Principles Across Subjects: A Guide to Christian Homeschooling with Master Books (Part 2)

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Infusing Biblical Principles Across Subjects: A Guide to Christian Homeschooling with Master Books (Part 2)

At Master Books, we understand that true integration of faith and learning goes beyond simply adding Bible verses to lesson plans. It involves a thoughtful weaving of biblical principles into the fabric of each subject revealing God as the author of all true wisdom. This post gives examples of how this is done in every core subject for every age and skill level including electives. The courses highlighted below do not include all courses available. You can explore our full catalog by subject area here.


For instance, in each level of our science curriculum, the principles of a young earth creation are taught. This teaches students to recognize the authority of the Bible and instills a sense of awe and wonder at God's intricate design. Master Books offers homeschool families many science curriculum options for each grade level to choose from with special interests such as zoology, paleontology, applied engineering, astronomy, and forensics

 "Science has never been my favorite subject to teach/help with, but I look forward to it now. My favorite part is how it has a Biblical Worldview and it applies so many things throughout the lessons to what the Bible says and is a spiritual learning tool along with the science." Tracie on Intro to Forensics from a Biblical Worldview


Similarly, our homeschool history authors intentionally recount actual events while highlighting God's providence throughout the ages. While there are strong forces in the world working to revise history by removing chapters about real events, Master Books is committed to revealing the truth even when it isn’t admirable. Author of America’s Story and The World’s Story, Angela O’Dell provides students with an informative, conversational narrative bringing history to life.

Many families utilize Adam’s Chart of History to reveal the convergence of both biblical and world history covering a 6,000-year time period from the biblical creation to the late 19th century (1800s). This 23-foot illustrated timeline creates an intricate and uniquely synchronized visual map of the ages. The Big Book of History is a great timeline tool for younger students.

"This is such a fantastic resource!! I love how it allows you to see how all of history flows together and what was going on in other places around the world during the same time as the Bible was being written." Missy on the Adam's Chart of History

Language Arts 

Kristen Pratt, author of the top-ranked Language Lessons for a Living Education series, designed each level to help parents teach the gospel of Jesus Christ while helping them develop language skills that enable the student to effectively communicate this good news to others.

“Language has fixed meaning because it comes ultimately from God. Mathematics works because it comes not from evolution, but it comes from the mind of a Creator God who made it.” Israel Wayne, Author of Education: Does God Have an Opinion


According to Kate Hannon, homeschool curriculum author of Master Books’ Principles of Mathematics, Principles of Algebra 2, and Revealing Mathematics, “Math can not be neutral. The Bible teaches Jesus is Lord of all — the Creator and Sustainer of all things (Colossians 1:16–17). He doesn’t exempt math from that. The Bible gives us a framework from which we can ... build our understanding of math."

 "I have found Math Lessons to be unique in a number of ways. One of which is a strong biblical worldview. Worldview is so important to our family. It's one of the main determining factors in picking our curriculum." Carissa Clark, homeschool mom of 6


Elementary Geography & Cultures is an exciting exploration of the world utilizing the visually stunning Children’s Atlas of God’s World and Passport to the World. This best-selling curriculum set guides students on a worldwide exploration of geography, language, culture, and Christian heritage. Master Books editor of over 15 years , Craig Froman, is the author of this course as well as Elementary U.S. Geography and Cultures and the My Story series (K-2). In an interview, Froman explained he designed these courses to teach the wonder of God and a love for people around the world.

"I loved how part of the preamble of each state is given and each one references glory to and/or dependence on God in some way. Amazing curriculum." Fern on Elementary U.S. Geography and Cultures

In part three, we will explore Bible Curriculum solutions and other discipleship resources for homeschool families. You can read Part 1 - Integrating Faith and Learning here.

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