Language Lessons for a Living Education Level 7 / Homeschool Curriculum for Middle School

Language Lessons for a Living Education Level 7 / Homeschool Curriculum for Middle School
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Language Lessons for a Living Education Level 7 / Homeschool Curriculum for Middle School

We have great news! Language Lessons for a Living Education Level 7 is now available in print and digital format.

For years, families like yours have trusted homeschool’s top ranked Language Lessons for a Living Education for its engaging, effective, and biblical approach. Now, with Level 7, Master Books offers even more enriching content tailored to Christian homeschool families who are committed to seeing their children become effective communicators for Christ.

Rachel Smith, homeschool mom of 4 and co-author of Language Lessons Level 7 shared the following thoughts and prayer about this new release.

"Language is foundational to communication. It is my prayer that the students who use these courses will fully grasp that good language arts skills are not just a list of rules to learn, but something that they need to know and practice in order to be excellent communicators for Christ and sharing Him with others. God’s Word tells us to do ALL things to the glory of God. Let’s glorify God even in our language knowledge and use!"

What You Will Love About Language Lessons 7

Here's why the moms of Master Books already love Language Lessons for a Living Education Level 7!

1. Enhanced Writing Focus:

Language Lessons Level 7 features more writing activities than ever before, empowering your child to develop their writing prowess while honing their communication skills.

2. Biblical Integration:

Dive deep into Biblical studies with lessons on translations, book classification within the Bible, and understanding Biblical history. Each lesson is crafted to instill not only linguistic proficiency but also a deeper understanding of God's Word.

3. Integrated Spelling and Vocabulary:

Say goodbye to separate spelling lists! Language Lessons Level 7 seamlessly integrates spelling and vocabulary exercises, ensuring efficient learning with varying list lengths each week.

4. Accessible Answers:

No scrambling for answer keys! Language Lessons Level 7 provides all answers conveniently located in the back of the book, streamlining your homeschooling experience.

5. Student-Centric Approach:

With concise, student-directed lessons, Language Lessons Level 7 empowers your child to work independently, fostering responsibility and autonomy in their learning journey.

6. Spiritual Development:

Beyond language skills, Language Lessons Level 7 is designed to nurture your child's spiritual growth. From etiquette to body language, each lesson encourages reflection on how communication aligns with God's Word.

7. Weekly Structure:

Enjoy a structured week with specific studies, grammar and punctuation exercises, explorations of different communication forms, worldview reflections, and review sessions.

8. Courtesy Emphasis: 

The addition of a weekly courtesy piece sparks meaningful conversations and cultivates a culture of kindness and respect within your homeschool environment.

Important Details & Links

Language Lessons Level 7 Curriculum Set includes the student text and God's Story which is incorporated as supplemental reading. Use the links below to download a free PDF preview of both books offered in the set.

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chat Ashley May
This is a wonderful curriculum. They did a great job creating it.
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chat nancy redekop
We have not tried grade 7 YET, but we will be using it this september. we have LOVED the other levels and I think we will love this one us as much! We are excited to try this in the upcoming school year!
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