Learn from the Expert: God's Design Video Course Now Available

God's Design Homeschool Science ecourse available
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Learn from the Expert: God's Design Video Course Now Available

Our new Master Books Academy God's Design: Chemistry & Ecology course is amazing! Save yourself some of the teaching time and make learning science even more exciting with this video-based instruction by author, Debbie Lawrence. Your students will have a more independent learning experience, and you will be free to accomplish a few more things on your to-do list. 

In this course, Debbie Lawrence, a trained engineer and homeschool mom brings the course to life by:

  • Teaching the concepts
  • Completing the experiments
  • Offering challenge lessons for older and more advanced students

Preview the course for free today! All you need is a Master Books Academy account to watch all of the video lessons from Chapter 1. There is no cost to register

Note: Once the course is purchased, you have 18 months to access for those within your household. The God's Design Chemistry & Ecology curriculum set is required for the completion of the eCourse.

Matter, Ecosystems, Atoms, and Molecules

God's Design: Chemistry & Ecology is a complete science curriculum for 3rd-8th graders, which presents God’s amazing world through the study of matter, ecosystems, atoms, and molecules! Students spend 12 weeks learning each of the following areas of study.

Properties of Matter: Learn all about matter—the stuff that makes up the universe God created. Learn how to measure the properties of solids, liquids, and gases and the process of classification. Have fun using the scientific method!

Properties of Ecosystems: Learn about the amazing world that God created as you study 16 different ecosystems and the plants and animals that live and interact in them. You will also learn how God originally created our world good, and why things changed.

Properties of Atoms & Molecules: Explore the tiniest part of God’s creation — atoms and molecules — and learn about their structures and the different ways that atoms bond. Learn about the basics of the periodic table, chemical reactions, and biochemistry.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  "We are using this as a family science for grades 1st, 5th, & 6th. The lessons are short enough for the 1st grader to attend to as a read aloud even though the supplement worksheets are beyond him. The hands on experiments provide a real world connection to the learning and help foster the relevance. As with the 2 other God’s Design curriculums we have used, we appreciate that the basis of learning always refers back to the Bible. I highly recommend this (and other God’s Design curriculums)." Jessica

Top Ranked Elementary Science Series

Master Books Top Ranked Elementary Science Series: God's Design Master Books Top Ranked Elementary Science Series: God's Design

Master Books God's Design science series was awarded the title of Top Ranked Elementary Science Series in 2022. Explore all the options available to your family here.


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