Master Books 2023 Senior Stories: Asher's Favorite Courses & More

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Master Books 2023 Senior Stories: Asher's Favorite Courses & More

Master Books graduates of 2023, Asher Smith and Jacob Staggers, both agree that Master Books homeschool curriculum was much easier to use and understand than what they used prior. In today's post, I (Jennifer) had the privilege of interviewing Asher. His mom, Rachel Smith, is Master Books customer service manager. Asher is her 3rd student to graduate from her homeschool using Master Books. This short interview offers you a glimpse at how well your students will be prepared to launch into adulthood having used our home education courses.

You can watch my interview with Asher Smith here.

What have been your favorite Master Books courses and why? 

My first one is Introduction to Logic.  It taught me to use deductive reasoning and logic to defend a Christian worldview.  My second one is World Cults and Religions ( Comparative Religions). It taught me what other religions believe and how to compare them to what the Bible says.  I'm now able to share the gospel with them by better knowing what they believe.

Did you use another curriculum before Master Books? 

Yes, we did use some other curriculums before Master Books, and I was not a fan.  Master Books better explained things and was easier to understand. 

How do you feel about going off to college now that you’ve seen your sisters who were homeschooled with your mom and MB successfully navigate college?  

I feel pretty prepared. I have finished my freshman year of college through dual enrollment at a Christian college. My best college class was Creation Science, because it was over materials I started learning in early grades through Master Books. 

What do you intend to study at college? And do you have a specific career in mind for your future? 

I plan to study pastoral theology and possibly also enter a trade school for HVAC at the same time. I would like to be in full time ministry. 

How would you encourage other high school homeschool students?

I would tell them to continue to put in the effort even when you think it is hard. There will be hard times. Enjoy your high school time, because it really does go by quicker than you realize. 


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