Moms Love This Top Ranked Elementary Art Curriculum!

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Moms Love This Top Ranked Elementary Art Curriculum!

Just imagine the joy of having art lessons and fun projects in your homeschool this year! Master Books' Living Art Lessons Curriculum Set, designed for your 4th - 6th grade level students, was voted the number one course available for elementary students in 2022. We are so excited for you to see it. 

Living Art Lessons uses the Master Books Method of Education to teach your students the seven elements of art including lines, shapes, and colors, while observing artwork and nature all around them. The Artist’s Journal, included in the set, contains the student’s artistic workspace for writing, drawing, and more. At the end of the course, your students will have their own art show for family and friends! We know your family will love it!

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Homeschool Moms Recommend Living Art LessonsHomeschool Moms Recommend Living Art Lessons

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