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Online Electives for Your Happy Homeschool Family

Let's create an amazing homeschool year together! Make this year even more enjoyable with these three very popular online courses at Introduction to Digital Photography, Beginning Spanish for Families, and Art for the High School Student. These electives are very affordable and do not require additional book purchases. Click the images or buttons below to preview and purchase the individual courses. 

Introduction to Digital Photography

Online digital photography course by Master BooksOnline digital photography course by Master Books

Your family will have so much fun learning the art and science of digital photography with this one semester Master Books Academy course. You and your students (grade three and up) will grow to understand photography as a means of personal expression, worship, and service to the kingdom of God!

Beginning Spanish for Families

Beginning Spanish for Families Online Course Video Instruction by Master BooksBeginning Spanish for Families Online Course Video Instruction by Master Books

Designed to ignite a passion for Spanish and the confidence to use it, this interactive e-course will be fun for everyone! Your family will not only learn to speak Spanish, but you will also learn about Spanish speaking cultures, grow together in community within your family unit, help build God's kingdom, and have fun! These dynamic lessons will help you integrate Spanish practice and usage into your daily life at home.

Art for the High School Student

Online art class for high school student by Master BooksOnline art class for high school student by Master Books

This one semester video course for 9th - 12th grade students is rooted in the biblical worldview, honors God, and teaches your teens to use the concepts of line, shape, color, value, texture, form, and space to create their own art. Your student will have the opportunity to work with many different art mediums, such as, colored pencils, paint, charcoal, and more!


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