overcoming reading challenges with wowza brain courses
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Successfully Overcoming Reading & Learning Challenges

Reading and learning challenges can be overcome affordably and in a reasonable amount of time with Master Books's WowzaBrain online learning courses. Bridget Mosley joined the podcast to talk about these courses and the very simple games she designed based on brain science to help your students move beyond their often overwhelming struggles to learn.  

Bridget's courses have profoundly helped homeschool students with Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, brain trauma, and other issues that cause readers to struggle. The WowzaBrain games used to help you help your child succeed have also proven to help students perform better in math and other subjects. These courses will also help your student's attention span, visual processing speed, and more!

Podcast Highlights

Use the timestamps below to find topics shared within the show! This will save you time if you are in a hurry or want to share this with other homeschool parents.

2:23 - WowzaBrain courses help students with Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Fetal Alcohol, Brain Trauma, and other learning issues

5:43 - (2 Corinthians 12:9) Allowing the power of God at work in the Wowza Brain tools at to rest on the reading weaknesses or challenges families are dealing with in their homeschools.

6:52 - WowzaBrain is a very affordable way to help your child overcome reading challenges.

7:45 - These courses use a metronome to help children automate the reading of words.

8:28 - The English language is a complex code and puts a big burden on some children and adults

10:50 - There is hope for struggling readers

12:48 - Wowza Brain: Better Letters Course

15:56 - Wowza Brain: Brain Ready Reading

16:48 - Developing a strong working memory to help overall learning success.

17:02 - Student's math skills are improving due to the cognitive brain training in WowzaBrain: Brain Ready Reading.

17:33 - Develop your student's attention span

20:19 - Learn how WowzaBrain and the Master Books Method of Education work together

20:51 - A Safe Brain is a Learning Brain

22:18 - WowzaBrain: Brain-Connected Reading

23:38 - Building visualization skills helps the reader comprehend the text and improve their spelling

24:15 - Evaluate and work on reading speed

25:35 - Dr. David Whitcomb, author of a Good and Faithful Servant, because a very successful physician and author despite very challenging dyslexia issues.

26:37 - Reading struggles do not indicate lack of intelligence

27:57 - Time investment in the WowzaBrain programs

28:47 - Who will benefit from the WowzaBrain system? Will it help students who are not struggling to read?

30:13 - The age ranges suggested for WowzaBrain reading programs

31:52 - Where WowzaBrain courses fit with Master Books' award winning language arts curriculum

32:19 - Infographic of the WowzaBrain courses and how they fit with the Language Arts courses

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