Run, Don't Walk Away from Public School (Podcast)

John Stamper Discusses the Dangers of Public School Education
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Run, Don't Walk Away from Public School (Podcast)

In this episode of the Master Books podcast, Coach John Stamper shares why he chose to resign as a public school teacher in the Chicago school system. As a Christian and a homeschool graduate, Coach Stamper knows how homeschooling can help students stand firm in their faith and the very different effect public schooling is having on students today. Don't miss today's episode where he shares what government paid teachers are being trained to teach students about the transgender movement, gender-identity, critical race theory, and more. 

Show Highlights

5:55 - Coach Stampers' parents took a bold stand for biblical principles and became homeschoolers

7:50 - John's parents debated prominent atheist, Madeline O'Hare, on national television

12:30 - John's parentsprioritize the gospel in their children's lives

15:55 - Why Coach Stamper chose to leave his role as teacher in the Chicago Public school system

26:27 - The positive influence of John's homeschooling parents 30 years later.

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