The Reason Master Books Short Lessons Work So Well

Master Books homeschool curriculum shorter lessons work
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The Reason Master Books Short Lessons Work So Well

The Master Books Method of Education incorporates shorter lessons especially for the younger students. This is based on educational research and has proven very effective for homeschooling families. In this short video, Kristen Pratt – Master Books Brand and Curriculum Development Editor, shares why this approach to academic excellence works so well. 

Master Books helps you focus on teaching to the whole child. This is very effective because it takes brain development, hand-eye coordination, physical stamina, attention span, and so much more into consideration when planning a lesson. Below, find three reasons these shorter lessons are making homeschooling more effective and enjoyable for the families we serve.

1. When a child hits their limit of taking in new information, their brain begins to shut down. Pushing them to do more work will add to their sense of overwhelm. Shorter lessons help to introduce them to new material without bringing them to that point of stress. 

2.  Instead of overwhelming the child, your efforts are effectively opening new pathways to receive the new information. You are introducing the benefits of brain development and growing confidence in their ability to learn. 

3. Shorter lessons also help you create more margin in your family’s life. Without the stress of educating all day long and finishing lessons into the night, your family can enjoy more educational adventures together. You will have time to expand a lesson that really interests them. The freedom of shorter lessons will also give you time for field trips and educational travel. 

Carrie Bailey, the author of Stepping Stones (for PreK), Simply K (for Kindergarten) and Catch on to Cursive, has been instrumental in helping homeschool families focus on the whole child’s needs. You can learn more about her approach to learning success in the following interviews:

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