New Conversational Sign Language Course for Homeschool Families

sign language courses for homeschool students
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New Conversational Sign Language Course for Homeschool Families

Conversational Sign Language, now available at Master Books Academy, is an exciting new course that builds upon the foundation laid in Introduction to Sign Language. These video-based courses are perfect for homeschool families. 

This semester-long course focuses on teaching how to share the love of God through everyday conversations with those who use sign language as their primary form of communication. Students will increase their sign vocabulary and learn about the role interpreting plays in effectively sharing ideas and concepts beyond simple vocabulary structures.

Did you know there are additional benefits to learning a new language, especially one that is physically expressive such as sign language? Those benefits include:

  • Recognizing the different cultural structures that exist creating an appreciation for how God created humanity
  • Creating empathy for challenges those in the deaf and hard of hearing communities face
  • Understanding how we use body and facial expressions to communicate, even when words aren’t spoken, which leads to stronger long-term cognitive abilities
  • Improving spatial reasoning, or the ability to process visual information, leading to higher levels of creativity

This affordable, all-inclusive course is available for 18 months from the date of purchase to allow you the flexibility to learn at your own pace together or as a family! 

Free previews are available for both sign language courses by clicking below. **Please note that you will need to create a free account in order to preview classes. No form of payment is needed to create this free account.


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