Special Needs Strategies that Work for Homeschool Families (New Resource)

special needs educational strategies that work for homeschool families
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Special Needs Strategies that Work for Homeschool Families (New Resource)

Thrive: Special Needs Strategies that Work by Jenny Hubanks emerges as a powerful tool for home educators. More than a mere resource, this book is a compassionate guide, toolkit, and roadmap for unlocking the unique potential within every child, irrespective of challenges or differences.

The book starts with a foundational premise: every child is uniquely created by God. Jenny Hubanks sets the tone for an educational journey that goes beyond conventional teaching methods, encouraging the recognition and celebration of each child's individuality. This belief becomes the cornerstone for a more effective educational approach.

As a compassionate compass, Thrive guides educators, parents, and caregivers with practical advice rooted in Jenny Hubanks' extensive experience and expertise. It incorporates evidence-based methods and emphasizes the importance of adapting teaching practices to meet the unique needs of every child, ensuring a personalized approach to education.

Thrive: Special Needs Strategies that Work challenges traditional boundaries. Innovative features, such as datasheets, visual aids, and manipulatives, are seamlessly integrated into teaching practices to enhance the learning experience and foster a sense of empowerment among students.

This much-needed resource is a catalyst for transforming educational experiences to unlock the potential within every child. It provides practical solutions that address academic, social, and emotional aspects, advocating for a whole-child approach to student development.

Authored by Jenny Hubanks, a dedicated expert in special education, Thrive becomes a beacon of hope for educators, parents, and caregivers. Testimonials from homeschooling parents, such as Michael and Colleen, highlight the book's effectiveness in creating an encouraging and positive learning environment, while providing essential tools for success. Lexie, a mother of six, praises the book for its practical examples and tools that cater to children of various abilities. Other reviewers agree that Thrive offers a transformative approach to special needs education, revolutionizing the way homeschool parents engage with and support their children.

Download the free preview, read through the early reviews, and order Thrive here. 


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