Strength & Conditioning Course for Homeschool Students

John Stamper Instructs Homeschool Students in Strength and Conditioning
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Strength & Conditioning Course for Homeschool Students

Homeschooled students now have the opportunity to learn how to build strength and condition their bodies for specific sports as well as their personal goals. Master Books Academy offers a Strength and Conditioning course for middle and high school homeschool students.

Coach John Stamper joins the podcast to talk about the importance of learning this life skill and how he designed this course to help homeschool families win! He teaches students to train themselves for any sport or activity. To help them reach that goal, he provides 36 weeks of video-based lessons and workouts discussing the different systems in the body and how they work together. He also teaches common training methods.


Preview Strength and Conditioning Course here.

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1:43 - Coach John Stamper, instructor of homeschool PE courses and a strength and conditioning ecourse at

2:24 - Strength and Conditioning is a good next step after the Master Books Academy PE courses for K-8th grade students.

5:45 - Learn how the course is laid out for parents and students. 

7:45 - In this video-based, homeschool course, preteen and teens learn how the body works.

9:14 - Strength and Conditioning is a course is for male and female students. The second semester teaches them to design a strength and conditioning plan for different sports. 

11:38 - Components of the course including video lessons, activities, reviews, Coaches' Corner, which offers biblical truths.

13:20 - How much parental involvement to expect in the course.

16:35 – The difference between the PE courses at Master Books Academy and this course  

17:11 – The goal is to see the student's strength and physical condition improve throughout the course.

18:20 – What are the long-term results from taking the course?

20:47 – Build confidence in your homeschool students by helping them become stronger and more competitive in sports and life with students who are educated differently

22:19 – Coach Stampers’ advice to homeschool parents and students



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