Evaluate Your Homeschool Curriculum Using the Sunday Morning Method

Evaluate Homeschool Curriculum Worldview
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Evaluate Your Homeschool Curriculum Using the Sunday Morning Method

Worldview Matters! Do you agree? 

Since 1975, the Master Books team has ranked biblical worldview our top priority. Where does it rank for you and your family? Which areas of your family’s lifestyle are impacted by worldview? 

We believe choosing a homeschool curriculum is at least as important as choosing the right church for your family. Consider the hours spent in educating your family and the number of hours your children spend at church under the direction of ministers and teachers. What makes the number of hours spent under someone’s teaching so important? It’s the impact of the worldview communicated! The impact is very seldom short lived. There are long term consequences where worldview is concerned.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.
Because you have rejected knowledge,
I also will reject you from being priest for Me;
Because you have forgotten the law of your God,
I also will forget your children.” Hosea 4:6

Three Worldviews Presented in Education

The worldview of your educational resources will fall into three basic categories: secular, Christian, or #ProBible. The secular worldview would be considered godless or even anti-God. While the category titles of Christian and #ProBible worldview may seem the same, it is very possible the difference could greatly impact the faith and eternity of your students.

Many homeschool curriculum companies use the label “Christian” to describe the values of the material presented. At Master Books, we encourage all homeschooling families to research beyond that label and consider if the message delivered is truly and consistently biblical. Within the Bible, you read about the presence of false prophets and the dangerous influence they had on God’s people. 2 Corinthians 11:13 warns us that people disguise themselves as apostles of Christ. 2 Timothy 4 warns us against accumulating teachers to suit our own passions and wandering off into myths. 2 Peter 2:1 warns there will be false teachers who secretly bring in destructive heresies. 

“With a secular curriculum, you know upfront that they don’t believe the Bible. You know the enemy is right in front of you. When a so-called Christian curriculum company isn’t standing on God’s Word, they are actually undermining it. This can cause some kids to doubt God’s Word in a more ferocious way than a secular curriculum would.” Bryan Osborne, Author of Quick Answers to Tough Questions and Quick Answers to Social Issues   

How the Sunday Morning Method of Choosing Worldview Works

At Master Books, we recommend the Sunday Morning Method when evaluating your curriculum choices. Ask yourself these questions:

  • “Would my pastor allow the owner or president of this curriculum company to speak on a Sunday morning?”
  • “Does the curriculum company owner’s resume or list of accomplishments indicate a worldview that reveals the God of the Bible is in first place?”

If your pastor would not expose the adults of the church body to the teachings of a specific curriculum company owner, then it would be a serious error to place your children under the counsel of their teaching. As the shepherds of your home and guardians of your children's hearts, you and your spouse have the same responsibility. 

A Solid Foundation of Faith

The #ProBible approach to home education reveals the character and authority of God in every subject and at every age level. The good news of redemption in Christ is infused throughout because God is standard for all truth. The foundation of the Gospel message is rooted in Genesis and requires an unwavering belief in the biblical account of Creation, the family, the fall, the flood, and more. Without a complete view of God’s ownership of the created world and His choice to be in relationship with the people He has created, the believability of the Gospel begins to come under question. The resulting doubts have proven to draw youth away from God’s leadership in their lives.

Before Master Books began publishing homeschool curriculum, the “Ink on Paper to Touch Eternity” mission focused on publishing Christian apologetics including the science and history behind the biblical account of Creation. Some of our bestselling titles with enduring influence are written by #ProBible authors Dr. Henry Morris and Ken Ham. Dr. Henry Morris is known as the father of Modern Creationism, and Ken Ham is the founder and CEO of Answers in Genesis, The Creation Museum, and the Ark Encounter. Today, our print and online catalog boast of over 700 titles to help build up your family's faith in the authority of God’s Word.

Learn More About Worldview

Homeschooling families often face ridicule over the choice to remove their children from public schooling. These judgments and the many stresses of life can accumulate causing parents to question the wisdom of their own choices. To help families stand firm on their decision to intentionally disciple through homeschooling, we recommend the following resources:

Knowing the doctrines and values of the many different religions and cults is very helpful when discerning worldview. Many homeschool parents study Master Books World Religions and Cults to help them make informed decisions and defend their own faith. This 3-book set and included poster are also a part of our Comparative Religions course.


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Kathleen Calabrese
This right here is what I love about Master Books: The #ProBible approach to home education reveals the character and authority of God in every subject and at every age level. God is not added in as a topic.....with Master Books God is in everything. Thank you, this post was very helpful.
Andrea Lawhorne
What great food for thought here! Very good idea to evaluate curricula and connections with church choices/doctrine.