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Cursive handwriting is vital to a great education
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Yes! Cursive Handwriting is Vital to a Great Education

While school systems are removing cursive handwriting from a child’s educational experience, studies show this is unwise and counterproductive to a child’s brain development. In this guest post, Carrie Bailey, Master Books homeschool curriculum author of Catch on to Cursive, shares scientific proof that cursive penmanship provides optimal conditions for learning and is truly a vital part of a great education for your students.
The Homeschool Curriculum that works best for families
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Three Reasons Developmentally Appropriate Homeschool Curriculum Works Best for Families

When a homeschool family finds themselves overwhelmed and burned out, it is wise to evaluate the effectiveness of the curriculum. Is your curriculum meeting your student’s individual needs, or is it forcing the student to adjust to a rigorous plan that exceeds their physical, mental, and emotional development? At Master Books, we are intentional about helping your children become confident students who love to learn. The Master Books Method uses a whole child approach to learning which helps you consider your child’s readiness for the subject matter, their attention span, and their ability to retain information.