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Hymn Study for Homeschool Students and Families by Master Books
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Foundations in Worship: A Bible Curriculum for Homeschool Teens and Preteens

Introducing Foundations in Worship, a unique homeschool Bible curriculum created to expand your junior high and high school student’s understanding of God and the Gospel through the study of hymns. This Bible elective reveals scriptural truths expressed in these long-cherished anthems of the Christian faith. Through a study of doctrinally sound hymns, the hymn writers, and the biblical messages within the songs, 7th – 12th grade students will learn to worship God in word and song.
overcoming reading challenges with wowza brain courses
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Successfully Overcoming Reading & Learning Challenges

Reading and learning challenges can be overcome affordably and in a reasonable amount of time with Master Books's WowzaBrain online learning courses. Bridget Mosley joined the podcast to talk about these courses and the very simple games she designed based on brain science to help your homeschool students move beyond their often-overwhelming struggles to learn.