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probible audio books for parents and family
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#ProBible Audio Books with Big Benefits for You and the Family

Master Books invites you and your family to make your summer more enjoyable and educational with audio books! In this post, we share a categorized list of our #ProBible audio books and the many ways they can help you enjoy life, disciple your family well, and more!
God's Story Bible Study Family Devotions
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The Perfect Way to Study the Bible Together

God’s Story: From Beginning to God’s Return is the perfect supplement to your family’s Bible study time. This beautiful book is packed with 125 illustrated stories from Genesis to Revelation that will bring the Bible to life for your family. The big concepts of the Bible are made easy to understand in a way that adults and children will enjoy.
sign language courses for homeschool students
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New Conversational Sign Language Course for Homeschool Families

Conversational Sign Language, now available at Master Books Academy, is an exciting new course that builds upon the foundation laid in Introduction to Sign Language. These e-courses are perfect electives for homeschool families.
Discipleship Tools for Your Young Family Mom and 3 kids look at books
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Discipleship Tools for Your Young Family

At Master Books, we know you don’t need another activity book, you need the tools to be successful in implementing a pattern of discipleship. Where Faith Grows, a homeschool Bible curriculum series for elementary students, provides the tools you need to lead your children into all God has for them.
Hymn Study for Homeschool Students and Families by Master Books
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Foundations in Worship: A Bible Curriculum for Homeschool Teens and Preteens

Introducing Foundations in Worship, a unique homeschool Bible curriculum created to expand your junior high and high school student’s understanding of God and the Gospel through the study of hymns. This Bible elective reveals scriptural truths expressed in these long-cherished anthems of the Christian faith. Through a study of doctrinally sound hymns, the hymn writers, and the biblical messages within the songs, 7th – 12th grade students will learn to worship God in word and song.